Roon Hangs on Start (Win 10 Pro)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10 Pro, Roon v1.7 (build 521)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Router: Cisco RV320
Switch: Cisco SG200-50P
Internet: 1Gb Fiber, static IP

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Speakers: Vanatoo Transparent One. Internal DAC TE7022, connected via USB to the same computer running Roon core.

Description Of Issue
This is a new machine. I used Roon for a few years on my old PC, also Windows 10 Pro. The new one was installed 12/2019. I have tried both 32 and 64 bit versions. After a fresh install, Roon works perfectly. After a day or two, it continually hangs on startup with a white screen. It says, not responding, but is continuing to build a log file. It runs for hours and hours but the menu does not come up.

I have tried re-booting multiple times. Every once in a while, it will work.

Any ideas? I can upload logs both from times when it works and times when it hangs.

The log files are filled with analysis on a track and lines like this:

[library] finished with 1 dirty tracks 1 dirty albums 2 dirty performers 1 dirty works 1 dirty performances 0 clumping tracks, 0 clumping auxfiles 0 compute tracks, 0 deleted tracks, 1 tracks to (re)load, 0 tracks to retain, 0 auxfiles to (re)load, 0 auxfiles to retain, and 6 changed objects 02/27 14:10:38 Trace: [dbperf] flush 4792 bytes, 2 ops in 0 ms (cumulative 13556158 bytes, 5320 ops in 1512 ms) ]

Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

Thanks for reaching out! I have a few questions to better understand the issue:

  1. Do you see any “Activity Spinner” in the top-right corner of Roon? As in - has your media import completed?

Yes, please do upload these logs, I will private message you a link of where to send them.

  1. Is there any change in behavior if you install RoonServer on this PC and set Roon to connect to the Server edition? RoonServer does not have any UI and it runs in the task bar, I want to clarify here if the Core is hanging or the UI is hanging.


Hello Noris:

Per your questions above:

  1. I do not see any activity spinner, just a white window that says Roon on the left.

  2. I will upload some logs for you.

  3. I installed Roonserver on this PC now. It seems to be working fine. I can access it from a phone or another PC. However, I will note that each time I uninstall/reinstalled Roon, it did also work successfully for at least a day or two before it stopped working.

Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

Thanks for sending the logs over, I can confirm I received them properly. I’m looking over the logs and I’m seeing out of memory issues, can you confirm how much RAM you have installed on your Windows PC?

I have 32 GB of RAM. The RAM is definitely configured properly (in terms of timings) and I ran an extended RAM test when I built this machine.

Roon never seems to take more than ~500MB of memory. I don’t know of any process that would be restricting memory usage by program. It doesn’t seem to matter if I try to run Roon when it’s the only actual program running or if the system has many programs running.

Are there any know 3rd party processes which might conflict?

Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

I wanted to check in with you to see how RoonServer is performing, are you experiencing the same behavior there?

The previous logs you sent do seem to indicate some out of memory error, I would be interested to know if the same errors are also occurring when using only RoonServer.

If the behavior is occurring with RoonServer as well, can you please send a copy of those logs? They would be in a similar folder as the Roon app, except in %localappdata%/RoonServer/Logs instead.

I don’t seem to have any problems running RoonServer, but I’m not really using it much since the speakers with the DAC are on the same machine. I periodically play some music on my phone just to test it, but, of course, sound quality is horrible.

I tried launching the Roon Program while the Server was running, about 10 times, and it hung each time. I tried again now and it worked, connected to the Server. It did run periodically before anyway.

I will send you the logs again tomorrow. I want to keep the server up and running for a few days. I sped up Background Audio Analysis so that it will finish in a few hours. Maybe that will help the stability when I load the GUI and play music.

Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

You should be aware that you can control your DAC through RoonServer as well when using a Roon Remote such as your phone. You can enable the DAC in the Roon Settings -> Audio tab and select it as a zone (using the bottom right “volume icon” -> switch zones).

This would seem to indicate that just the UI on the PC is freezing. Are you having any issues with freezes on the phone?

Yes, please do send Roon Server logs when you have a chance, I would be interested in looking at the logs.

Hello Noris:

I uploaded log files for you from the server and from the program (separate zip files). I was able to get the full program to open one time (it works once every 10 times or so). When I did this, I pointed it to the Server instead of having it also perform the Core functions (even though they are on the same machine). This worked, I was to use the GUI on the PC while also running (and connected to Roon Server) on the same machine.

However, after a reboot, I forgot to start Roon Server and the Roon Program hung again and is continuing to hang. I am guessing that since it came up without seeing the server that it attempted to run the Core itself? Is there a way to change this via a config file to see if it then runs?

Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

Thank you for trying RoonServer instead.

No, when the Roon app starts, it tries to connect to the last known Core. The only way it would have entered Core mode is if you pressed “Use this PC” on the Choose your Core screen.

If you cannot get out of this state, I would suggest re-installing the Roon Client app:

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Restart/Reinstall the Roon App to generate a new Roon folder

I also spoke to the senior QA team regarding your case today and we have some feedback for you here:

  1. Can you please navigate to Roon Settings -> Library and disable both Background Audio Analysis and On-Demand Audio Analysis?

  2. Make sure that there is no “Activity Spinner” in the top right-hand corner currently active:

  3. Verify if you still run into this behavior with all audio analysis turned off

  4. If you run into the same behavior, please send a new set of logs from both RoonServer and Roon

Hello Noris:

I renamed the Roon directory as you suggested, then uninstalled Roon (not Roon Server). I reinstalled Roon. I ran it with the server running and disabled both of the parameters you suggested. I was able to use the program. I then shut down Roon and Roon Server and tried to run Roon again and, like before, it hangs. I stopped it, started Roon Server again but Roon still continues to hang each time I try to start it. I have gone into the Server via the Android app and can still verify that those two parameters are disabled.

I am uploading logs again now. Thanks.

Hi, Derek!

Try to update graphics driver on your Windows machine.
I had the same problem:

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Hello Sergey:

Thanks for the reply. I’ve got an Nvidia RTX 2080ti with an AMD Ryzen R7 3800X processor, so no on-board Intel graphics. I play games on this machine too so the graphics driver is upgraded frequently. I use DDU uninstaller every few times as well to create a cleaner environment.

It’s weird, the Server on it’s own runs fine. Just the Windows GUI hangs. There has to be something that will fix this since I had it running for 2-3 years on my prior machine without many issues.

Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

We’ve just recently released Roon build 528 which contains a few various graphics-related changes. Can I please ask that you update to the latest build and let me know if it changes anything with regards to this behavior? Full release notes can be found below:

Hello Noris:

I just installed that build and am going back to the combined GUI+Core (which I prefer). I know that it will work at first, so I’ll update you again over the next few days. Thanks for the help.

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Hello Noris:

I installed the new version and it came up. I set Background Audio Analysis to 4-core and the system went through and analyzed all 15,000+ tracks without any issue. I then started playing a song and it played fine. I closed the program and reopened it and it hung. I tried it twice. If you look at the logs you’ll see, the first few I connected to RoonServer, then some large files which represent the system working and anylyzing those 15,000 tracks, then the two small files are the immediate hangs.

One of the reasons I let it analyze everything is that turning it off didn’t help and I figured if it was a memory issue, wouldn’t that heavy activity cause more problems than just simply opening the program after all the analysis had been completed?

Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

Sorry to hear that the update hasn’t helped here.

As for next steps, I’d really like to know if Windows Event Viewer is logging any information related to this behavior. Can I please ask that you reproduce this issue and use these instructions to gather Event Viewer logs?

  1. Press Win + R and type eventvwr.msc
  2. Press OK – this should open Event Viewer window
  3. From the left sidebar go to Windows Logs > Application
  4. Right click on the Application subsection and pick Filter Current Log... from the context menu
  5. On the Filter tab for the Logged section pick a parameter Last 30 days and press OK
  6. Right click on the Application subsection again and pick Save filtered log file as.. from the context menu
  7. Enter the log file name, for e.g. Roon_USERNAME , and press Save
  8. Upload the Event Viewer logs to our diagnostics servers, information has been sent via private message

Thanks, Noris. I had it hang a few times and just uploaded the evtx file for you. I did see some Application Hang and Application Error messages on roon.exe, so hopefully something in there will help diagnose this.

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Hi @Derek_Kozacko,

I appreciate your patience until I had a chance to discuss your case further with QA. We did notice the issues in the Event Viewer logs, but it is unfortunately not clear what is triggering the issue.

Since the Server aspect works fine and it’s just the GUI that is hanging here, we should investigate the graphics side further.

  1. Is there any change in behavior if you force Roon to use the “Power Save GPU”? You can access GPU settings by using these instructions.

  2. Are you using any additional GPU tools on this PC, either from NVIDIA or AMD? In the past programs such as “Display Fusion” have prevented Roon from working properly, I would try exiting out of any such apps on your end to see if it’s causing this behavior.

Hello Noris:

I tried #1. It didn’t see to have any affect, still hung. The only graphic utility I have running is Nvidia Multi Display Power Saver. I run (3) screens, the center at 3440X1440, 144 Hz. If I don’t have this running, the the GPU will never downclock and it’s quite loud and wastes a lot of power. I disabled it and Roon still didn’t load, but I think that once it’s done that one time, I have to reboot to have any chance it will start up again.

I’ll continue testing this. I’ve tried various compatibility options, running as an Admin, and other things and nothing is consistently letting it run. Thanks.

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