Roon iPhone app keeps crashing

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

mac os Catalina Roon 1.7 build 511 stable
Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Streaming to Bluesound Node 2 and other Bluesound devices

Description Of Issue

Roon app on my iphone pro max keep scrashing after app is running for about 10 seconds or less. Behavior isconsistent and reproducible. Deleted app and reinstalled, hard booted phone etc. still the same. iPad app and adroid app no issues.

Iphone Pro Max
iOS 13.3

Hi @Rehan_Ashroff,

Do you by any chance have any VPNs (even if they are not active) on the iPhone?

I have simmilar problem, iphone xs max crashes multiple times a day. Although I have multiple vpns on my phone, but they are not enabled at the times, even if they would, application should have proper error handling in place.

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I have NordVPN installed (not active/running), but have had this app installed before I ever signed up for Roon and never had a problem before.

Hi @Rehan_Ashroff,

Can you please note the exact local time + date when you experience the next crash on your iPhone? I would like to enable diagnostics mode afterwards for your account to see if there are any additional clues in logs.

Hallo Noris,

same problem on my iphone running iOS 13.3. Last crash today Jan.04.2020 13:54 MEZ. Please enable diagnostics mode, maybe it helps to fix that bug.


1/4/2020 @ 16:49 PST and 1650.

Hi @Rehan_Ashroff/@Ruediger_Hahne,

I have enabled diagnostics mode for your accounts and what this action does is automatically upload a set of logs to our servers for analysis. Please open the Roon app and let it sit for a few minutes, hopefully this will be enough time to gather a diagnostics report and upload it to our servers.

@Rehan_Ashroff - You mentioned that you performed a full reboot of the phone in the past, correct? Can you please try another full reboot and let me know if that changes the behavior at all? Even if the Roon app starts working for a few hours following a full reboot, that would be a good data point to have.

@noris the app crashed several times over the weekend. Were you able to capture anything?

Hello @Rehan_Ashroff,

I am not seeing any logs being delivered on our end so I have re-activated diagnostics mode for your iPad, hopefully now they will be sent.

If the app crashes again, can you please note the exact local time + date when it occurs? This is useful when looking through logs. Thanks!


Latest crashes 01/31/2020 457 and 507 PM PST.

@noris more crashes starting at 2/01/2020 1015AM PST.

I’m a new user with iPhone XS as well and Catalina OS running core. Roon app keeps crashing on iPhone

I too have experienced occasional crashes with the Roon app on my iPhone X, but never on the iPad

Hello @Rehan_Ashroff,

Thanks for sharing those timestamps. I took a look through your iPhone logs and there doesn’t seem to be much information there, this appears to be an unmanaged crash and when these kinds of crashes occur it is usually due to the iOS system itself, and unfortunately not much information is logged in cases like this in Roon.

We are still actively looking into this behavior internally and discussing the best way to proceed with the tech team, it is even more difficult to ascertain where this behavior is coming from since we are not able to consistently reproduce this behavior in-house on staff member’s devices.

The investigation is still ongoing, so I appreciate your patience here while we look into this further, but more timestamps will not help at the present time.

I just got my room server up and running after a half a year of downtime due to moving issues. Got everything updated in the server and my iPhone X and I’m having the same problem. Very annoying. Any fixes for this?

Hi @Garrett_Williams,

We are still looking into this issue, please see @dylan’s reply here:

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Just to let you know: Also a crashing iPhone X with the Roon app. Very annoying. Roon runs on latest macOS. Playout is on an oppo 203 player. The app simply closes. I have configured a Qobuz and a Tidal subscription. No local music library. There is some DSP configuration to always put out 48Khz (native sampling rate of digital speakers).

Hi @Jan_van_der_Horst,

I would try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Clear out the image cache on the device (under Roon Settings -> Setup)
  2. Empty out your play Queue
  3. Reboot the device

Do any of those steps help?

I have (and have had for some time) this issue with the iPhone app crashing. Restarting the app repeatedly just means it will run for 10-20 seconds, then crash again. Rebooting the iPhone is the only way to clear this up, but it is temporary, it returns…

Very annoying, and has been an ongoing issue for months.

Also, I just tried your advice to @Jan_van_der_Horst, and it had no effect, still crashing after a few seconds. Not related to any user interaction, it can be sitting doing nothing and suddenly crash.