Roon is not adding music folder

Good evening,

My system is up and running perfect. Friends were over last weekend are were impressed with Roon. So this week I got them to purchase the same QNAP NAS I have. I set it up and loaded some music on to the NAS. Got them to a trial account and logged in, core is running I see no issues there. But when I go to add music it will not search the folder specified.

Any help would be appreciated

Do a forced rescan in Settings==>Storage.

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Doesnt solve the problem

Either the new folder needs to be added as a watched folder, or it needs to be a child of an existing watched folder.

Hi Paul, one thing to check is that when you create a shared folder on your NAS that you create a subfolder. Call it whatever you want eg. Music, then a further subfolder eg. Artists and load your music files in there. This may not help but worth a try.

Can you post a screenshot of Settings/Storage

Scot, Its a mirrored copy off my other NAS. Even trying to monitor a folder in a folder doesnt work.

Folder is added but does not populate Mike

That’s a pity. Might be worthwhile uploading a screenshot of your Settings/Storage as Protyreus said.

Can you explain it more for me please. IDK why it is being a PITA as I just copied the same folder from 1 NAS to another. Basic stuff ROOT/MULTIMEDIA/MUSIC/A-Z folders.

In your Roon software where you play music, please go to menu, click on „Settings“ and then please post a screenshot of your „General“ and „Library“ tabs

I assume that you have set up the same permissions for sharing files and folders over the network on the second NAS as you have done for the first?



Did a hardware reset on QNAP and now is working as it should.

Thanks for all the input.

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