Roon keeps crashing after update to 1.7 due to problematic ALAC converted by Media Human Converter

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Late 2013 27" iMAC: 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, 3TB Fusion Drive, mac OS Catalina 10.15.1

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Comcast Gigbit internet using their xFi modem/router. I am currently using WiFi connection on this computer

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

I am using headphones attached through the computer’s headphone Jack

Description Of Issue

Roon keeps crashing after a short while. It happens more quickly when I had “Library background audio analysis speed” on FAST, regardless of number of cores i choose, but it still happens when set to THROTTLED (maybe 10 seconds longer before crash). Restarting the computer helps a little, but I will still eventually get a crash.

If I am the only one having this issue, then maybe someone can help figure out what needs to be changed to keep Roon from crashing.


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Hi @AnimalOnDrums,

Welcome to the community. Can I please request that you note the exact local time of the next crash and manually send me the Roon logs from your Core by using these instructions? The best way to get them over to me would be via a shared Google Drive / Dropbox link. Thanks!


Roon started crashing last night at 7:03 pm (pacific time) and has crashed every time I have tried opening it, even after I restarted my computer this afternoon at 1:33 pm. I do not have drop box, so I uploaded the logs to my google drive. Here is a link to both the Roon logs and the RAAT logs Roon logs
Thank you

Hi @AnimalOnDrums,

Thank you for sending those log files over. I am looking through them and I believe I have identified the issue. It looks like Roon is crashing when trying to analyze a file, specifically:
/Users/tattedhank/Music/ALAC/Dave Matthews Band/Stand Up/09 Hello Again 1.m4a

Can I please ask you to do the following:

  1. Move (but do not delete this file) from that location to elsewhere, like your desktop
  2. Ensure that Roon is not watching where you move the file to (as in the folder is not listed in Roon Settings -> Storage
  3. Reboot your PC
  4. Verify if the issue is resolved
  5. Send me this file for QA analysis via Google Drive

Can you give those steps a try and let me know how it goes?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! So far this is the best customer support I have ever had from any company. Of course it had to be a Dave Matthews Band file causing the trouble. So ashamed, lol. Moving on. So following the steps provided and moving the specific file out of folder that Roon is watching, Roon worked perfectly fine for a while. Unfortunately, some other files have also been causing Roon to crash when getting analyzed. I have followed the same process with these other files and Roon works fine for a while until it hits another file it can’t analyze. I have attached the Roon logs along with the file you requested. I have also included a System of A Down file that also seems to be causing Roon to crash. I am sure you can identify more when you have a look at the logs, so please let me know if you want me to send you any more files for you to analyze.

Here is the google drive link Roon logs 2 with files


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Hi @AnimalOnDrums,

Thanks for sending the new logs over, I am seeing a few more issues related to these files:

/Users/tattedhank/Music/ALAC/The Clash Discography/1983 - Super Black Market Clash (B-Sides Collection)/02 - Listen.m4a
/Users/tattedhank/Music/ALAC/System Of A Down/System_Of_A_Down_Discography_1998-2005_Lossless/2002  Steal This Album/07 - Mr. Jack.m4a
/Users/tattedhank/Music/ALAC/System Of A Down/System_Of_A_Down_Discography_1998-2005_Lossless/2005  Mezmerize/04 - Cigaro.m4a
/Users/tattedhank/Music/ALAC/Nirvana/2004. With The Lights Out/2004, USA, DGC, B0003727-00/CD2/10 - Smells Like Teen Spirit.m4a

Can you try moving those as well and send them over? Thanks!

Sure! Here is the link to download them Henry_Strauch Files


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Hi @AnimalOnDrums,

Thanks for sending those files over, I have added them to your case notes, please leave them uploaded until this reaches QA for review.

Do let me know if the system is more stable since moving these files out as well, thanks!

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So far Roon has been very stable since removing those files. Something strange I noticed was that those files do not cause JRiver to crash when being analyzed, but a whole bunch of different files do. What is it about these audio files that causes Roon, or any other program, to crash?


Hi @AnimalOnDrums,

It’s hard to say why exactly this causes such behavior in Roon until the QA investigation is complete.

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Hello again,
The other day I had a new batch of ALAC files ready to import into Roon, but many of the caused Roon to crash like before. I had been using MediaHuman audio converter to convert FLAC to ALAC before adding them to the watched folder. This got me thinking. I deleted all of the recently converted ALAC files. I then used XLD to convert the same FLAC files to ALAC, and then put all of the files back into the folder Roon watches (about 20,000 files) and Roon did not crash once during the import and analyzing of the files!! I don’t know what is different about the ALAC files from Media Human that cause Roon (and JRiver) to crash, but from now on I will be using XLD to convert files.


Hello @AnimalOnDrums,

Thank you for sharing your recent findings, this is very interesting indeed. I have noted your remarks on the active ticket with QA and have updated the title of this thread, glad to hear that converting the files via XLD has helped resolve the crashes!

Hello @noris

I was wondering if you guys ever figured out what was wrong with the files. I contacted media human and sent them the same files, but they cannot figure out why their software is putting out bad files sometimes. I also noticed that Roon now just labels the files as corrupted instead of crashing, was that a fix? or just coincidence?


Hi @Swaggins

There is a ticket in the dev review queue regarding this behavior but there hasn’t been any work done on it yet, so no fix has been made on our end yet.

What I can mention is that QA tried to open the files you sent in iTunes and iTunes was displaying similar problematic behavior - there were audible audio artifacts present there when trying to play the tracks.

Perhaps you could try to reproduce this behavior on your end as well using iTunes and let the Media Human team know that iTunes has issues with playback as well? That should get the ball rolling towards finding out why the files are converted with issues.

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