Roon keeps freezing and crashing on Windows (mostly when resuming from minimized) [Solved After Roon Build 1302]

have the same issue, when roon is minimized for an extended period of time and i come back to it, i can click it a billion times but it will not pop up, i have to ctrl alt delete.

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After maximizing Roon hangs for a while. After that either it manages to become unstuck or it just crashes.
Happens to me for the last month or so. It is very frequent almost every hour because I use Roon mostly as a music player while performing other tasks.

  1. It is related to maximizing Roon
  2. It can be in any view



4. It occurs when maximizing to change tracks.

Just confirm what I posted earlier
I am having the exact thing as all the other recent posters
Returning to roon from a minimized state almost always results in this problem if I leave it for 20+ minutes.
It’s bad enough I wrote a powershell script to kill and restart Roon so I don’t have to wait for windows to time out on its crash

The replies here should confirm it is happening for other Windows 10 users.

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Just to confirm things
I have the same issue on a Intel NUC11 with Windows 11

Happens all day, every day. (4 times already today and only been on an hour or so)
There is no windows event during freeze but after restarting (either because i force it or it does it on its own) a windows event is created. See my multiple posts of the event in my prior posts.

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Just to be clear all the recommended windows and ancillary computer drivers have been updated to the most recent. But, roon keeps freezing.
Any other ideas than its a roon issue and its out of our hands?


In case there is a question, just having the window to roon open does not crash or freeze the pgm. It only occurs if something is playing.

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Ah, relief! Good to see I’m not alone in this. I have been awefully busy, and just decided to live with Roon’s constant crashes. Yet, this is going on for weeks now and it reduced Roon from a high-end experience to a buggy beta product. It freezes every hour.

My setup:
Roon core (ROCK): Intel NUC8I5BEK, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD
Roon remote (Windows 10): desktop, CPU AMD Ryzen 2600X, GPU AMD Radeon RX580, 16GB RAM
Networking: UTP, nothing wireless, 100% stable for any application I use
Connected devices: SOTM SMS200 streamer, RME ADI2FS DAC

About my setup:
This setup worked perfectly for years. I changed nothing. I am using old Radeon software (19.4.3). I think it dates from 2019… It works with every other piece of software and was never a problem with Roon before. So: it also might not be the source of Roon crashing now. Using newer GPU drivers makes my screen switch to black intermittently (litterally switching on-off rapidly), a well known problem for slightly older Radeon GPUs that will probably never be solved. I do have the latest .NET framework.
Since you said this issue is .NET related, I went into my update history. Mid May this uodate was installed: 2022-KB5013624 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10. From memory, thats close to when Roon began to act up.

The problem:
Since a bit over a month my Roon Remote freezes. Hard to guesstimate, but I think every hour or so. It is not the Core, because Roon keeps playing when I kill the frozen remote via Windows task manager. It happens when I work on my remote (mostly MS Word) and when Roon remote is in the background. When I switch to Roon, it shows the wrong song playing (something it was playing when it froze). Even the equalizer bars next to the song still move. However, no button can be clicked. When the issues began I always got an error message about a ’security stack’ when I switched to Roon. I recall Roon would then self-terminate. Since the message was very badly (auto)translated to Dutch, it was hard to make up what the rest of the technical terms in the original message were. However, I never get that message anymore and I don’t have a screenshot. When Roon freezes now, I have to kill it via task manager.

Add-on: just now Roon was unresponsive again. Gave it some time to recover, and it did after 20-30 seconds (I am usually not that patient). However, when it recovered… Roon skipped to a new track whilst being mid-song (I was using Roon Radio). So, when Roon remote freezes it does not affect the core. It just keeps playing on. However, when Roon remote recovers… it does something that forces the core to skip to another track.


Thank you for taking the time to document the problem so well.
I have been trying to explain mine but it spreads across many threads.
Your experience is spot on with mine.
What i failed to mention but you did, is roon worked perfectly for the year or so i have been using, until recently. As you said, about a month ago. Nothing has changed in my system either so its clearly pointing at a roon issue but their silence is deafening.

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Agreed thanks guys for describing so well
Like all of you, this was fine for a year. Nothing has changed in my setup either. Obviously in the same boat as all of you. Disappointing given how good roon has been previously


You can add my name to the list of this fault. Typically only crashes once every 24 hours. Core is running on a dedicated NUC. I have to restart the core to get it working again. It’s an issue because we use roon to feed both of our kids sleep playlists. So if it crashes just before bedtime I’m in trouble!

Some small comfort that so many others are having the same issue. This is only been happening since the last update. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


I think the freezing problem is a Build 952 issue. The Windows client is either loosing connection with Roon core (Nucleus in my case) or there is a graphics issue, IMHO.


Jim, my data says otherwise.
I had not “upgraded” to 952 when this started for me. I was still on a prior version


This is ridiculous, Roon has frozen and crashed 4 times in the last 60 minutes.
It is unusable until it is fixed.
I realize i cant get my money back but i will demand an extension for the period of time it has broken until it is fixed. How does one accomplish this?


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Just chiming in to say that I experience this issue as well.

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First, the post below is categorically false. The team has been investigating this issue in depth since these reports emerged. We’ve collected, and reviewed, numerous log sets. Tech Support, QA, and the Dev team have had daily meetings to discuss those findings. Noris has updated this thread and asked additional questions to support or oppose our latest theories. In some cases, updates weren’t provided if we were uncertain that the theory was the actual cause.

Secondly, your initial report was posted in Roon Software. When other customers offered to move your thread to support, or help, you insulted them.

When we first suspected the underlying issue was a problem with Windows OS and provided suggestions, you said you weren’t looking for help and implied that I didn’t even read your report, to add to your previous sarcasm that support doesn’t care about customer issues, or ever respond to your reports.

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You can add my name to the list as well. Usually happens every 24 hours.

Hey @Brian_Scott,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re also dealing with this issue. Would you please add your details to the template that I added to your post? Thanks!