Roon libary empty 07-11-2021

Loosing al my music in Roon libary. O artist, 0 numbers, 0 albmums
Music via streamingprovider Qobus is no problem.
Yesterday it was working fine.

When i try to play from the Roon library:
“these queue numbers are not available”

Is there a problem in Roon at the moment?

Core: Rhein Z1 V2 VitOS-1.1.1414
Streamer: DCS Bartok
Music from: Qobus
Last update: 1.8 (build 846) stable
Numbers in libary ca. 8500

Are there any updates that have not been made?

No i have every update

Then we need to clarify more precisely what technology is in use so that troubleshooting with the community is possible. Roon has a support form for that, so nothing is forgotten that could be important. If I can find it quickly I’ll attach it.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

These questions come automatically when the thread is opened under support. I try to file it there.


Let them work…

Did Silent Angel get the message, I believe they aren’t Roon Partners? Did you contact their support already?

Rhein Z1 is working with VitOS

it is strange, no update, yesterday it working fine, today it working not and Roon libary empty.

I have use a backup from 5 november. For 5 minutes al the music was back. Now it is gone again.

I do not understand anymore.

This morning it is working again. Thanks Roon for the repair.

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I think you may have been affected by a known problem with the Roon-Qobuz integration. This has been reported by several users. Albums or whole libraries disappear and reappear as by magic… So be prepared to find any day that your library or part of your library is missing again. Good news is that you can’t do anything about it… it will eventually be back.

Just saw this recent thread and answer by Roon support:

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