Roon Live Radio (VRT Radio 1 or VRT Studio Brussel) drops out every time

Core Machine

Intel NUC10i3FNH2 - Crucial 8Gb RAM - Kingston 120Gb SSD
Roon 1.8 build 795

Network Details

Linksys EA9500, wired to Rpi3+HAT, wireless to Sonos Boost and wireless to Bluesound Flex2i

Audio Devices

Kitchen: Bluesound Flex 2i (wireless)
Living Room: wired RPi3 + Hifiberry Digi+Pro + Pro-ject Pre-Box S2 dac - running RopieeeXL v1.7
Bathroom: Sonos Play:1 (wireless with wired Sonos Boost)
Terrace: Sonos Play:1 (wireless)

Library Size

907 Albums
2 regular Live Radio stations

Description of Issue

When listening to Live Radio (VRT Radio 1 or VRT Studio Brussel) through a grouped zone (Bluesound Flex 2i and RPi3 with HAT) the stream always stops after a certain period (time independent).
I already changed the possible bitrates (AAC 128kpbs → MP3 128kbps → MP3 64kbps), but even at 64kpbs the streaming stops after a while.

Streaming the same live radio stations through the BluOS app to the Flex 2i, it never stops and keeps playing.

I don’t experience problems during streaming Tidal / Qobuz through Roon in the same group.

Thanks for some help,

Hello @Joris_Cornelissen , welcome. Sorry to hear of your troubles.

I’ve just played VRT Radio 1 for 15 minutes without problems. How long can you play without stopping and do you get the same problem with non VRT stations?

What if you are not grouped?

I have the same problem when playing VRT Radio 1 or other VRT radio streams. After a while (approx. 15 min) the stream stops. It doesn’t matter whether I play to a raspberry pi or Hegel endpoint via Roon or via AirPlay. Grouping or not doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Streaming directly from TuneIn over Airplay works perfectly ( so not involving Roon).

I would like to use Roon for live radio too. So, how to solve it?


Hello @Cooper_Nalou , I have now played VRT Radio 1 for over 45 mins without problems.

Do you get drop-outs with non VRT stations?