Roon loads but wont play anything

I had no trouble with Roon over the last year but for some reason this week it stopped playing anything - it will load track and albums but when play anything selected - any suggestion on troubleshooting much appreciated.

I have the latest version on my Apple MacPro and server on my NAS.

Thanks, Steve.

Hi @Stephen_Wilson ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are appreciated!

To help us better evaluate this behavior you’re reporting, would you kindly please provide the following information:

  1. An expanded description of your current setup as seen here. The more information we have about the gear you’re working with, the better :sunglasses:

  2. This observation you’ve made in regard to Roon not playing anything, do you find that it’s media dependent? In other words does this behavior occur with same file formate each time? How about TIDAL content?

  3. Have you tried power cycling ALL of your equipment? This would include not only your core machine but also your end points and any networking hardware you’re implementing.

  4. During your troubleshooting, have you tried bypassing the content on your NAS and playing content off the local storage of your Roon core (assuming that is being hosted on your MacPro)?

  5. Have you tried playing content in Roon out of the internal speakers of the MacPro? If so, what was the experience like?


Thanks Eric - I have added my system details to my profile for future reference.

Re issues - it relates to my main system and was experienced when playing tracks from my NAS and also TIDAL.

Since posting my query, after giving up on getting something to play yesterday, I popped out for an hour and on arriving home found my system playing a track - so while it would not initially play anything (I could load a track but when I pressed the play button nothing changed and the track did not play, despite seeing a message displayed stating the track was playing - this was not supported by the tracker at the bottom of the interface or the play button changing shape)

As suggested by you, I switched off all equipment then unplugged each from their power outlet for 30 secs, then plugged them back in and switched them on. This did not resolve the problem.

I then noticed options available on my Aries had changed so suspect the issue may be with my Aries. I’m now looking into this and will come back with an update. Thanks again, Steve.


Hi - it seems I have a similar issue.

Roon loads, allows me to select from my library, whether local files or Qobuz/Tidal, but once I select an album, Roon such through each track, taking 1-2 seconds before moving on to the next track, but nothing plays.

Very weird. Very frustrating.

I rebooted my network, and that did make a difference. It just went through the above steps much faster! But still no tracks actually played.


Hello Dylan,
This is frustrating. I tried finding solutions in the Community Forum; not much luck.
I have Roon nucleus and lifetime subscription. I’m connected by wifi to Roon, which is connected by ethernet to network. I’m playing Roon software on Windows laptop hooked up to a NAD Dac/Amp by USB. Roon shows two NAD zones - not sure why. Always has, sometime plays thru one and sometimes the other.
Roon loads. I can play my own music from the Roon library thru the NAD. I can play music from JRiver Media thru thru the NAD.
I can’t play anything from Tidal. Tidal is up to date. I can log into Tidal and play tidal thru the NAD.
I can play Roon Live Radio.
When I select something that in my library (probably from Tidal) or select Tidal and play something, it looks like it wants to play, but just sits there on 0:00.

Please advise.
Thank you.

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