Roon lost control of the audio device.. (KEF LSX)

Hello, I am experiencing sporadic instances of ‘Roon lost control of the audio device’ error. I have a simple setup with an Innuos server and the LSX both hardwired to the same switch. My music is on a NAS. All same subnet and never any issues with Roon detecting the LSX in ‘Audio’ page. Everything is sync’d fine like volume control but once in a while when I change tracks, it will cause the connection to choke and stop working, only when I reboot both LSX and my server then it’ll work again. Firmware is up to date. I imagine it is a LSX issue rather than my Roon server, since my other zones always work fine. When I say choke I mean Roon will show playing (except waveform stays at 0:00) but eventually throw the Roon lost control of the audio device’ error. Is there something I’m missing w/ the LSX pairing?

Any idea what the issue is?

Hello @jfx,

We have some changes coming for KEF LSX speakers in our next release that should help a bit with these issues but can you please expand a bit further on this issue? Do you have the KEF Stream app open in the background? Does this issue occur only after seeking through a song several times? What is your router and switch model/manufacturer?


Hey! Thought i’d chime in as I have the same issue.

  • I don’t have the stream app open in the background
  • This happens particularly when skipping a lot of songs in quick succession, and seems to linger after that
  • I have Google Wifi (to which the LSX are connected via 5Ghz); Server (Mac Mini) is ethernet to the router

Hope that helps somewhat

Same problem with me but only sporadically (iMac and KEF LSX) and as yet I cannot pinpoint the reason. Last time (yesterday) I restarted the Nucleus server software via the web interface and everything went straight back to normal. Perhaps I am old enough to have grown up with occasional glitches and bugs in software that I don’t expect everything to be perfect all the time. Sometimes things don’t work and suddenly they do again. I used to puzzle about how that could happen but now I just have other things to worry about.

Hi @abadr/@Philip_Murray,

Thank you for the reports. As I mentioned, we have a few changes in this area coming up that should help with this issue. We were able to reproduce mainly when seeking through tracks multiple times in a row and the devs have made some improvements in this area in our next release.


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Additional stability fixes for this issue have been deployed in our last Roon update (b401), if you are still experiencing problems with KEF playback please open a new topic.