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Mac Mini M1 2020 v12.6.1 16GB RAM

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Roon version 2.0 (build 1182) is not identifying duplicate tracks between different compilation albums. I have added many compilation albums by various artists and there are duplicate tracks between these albums that are not identified with a 2//. All the compilation albums I’m referring to are “identified” with album art and a review. There are many non-compilation albums where Roon does identify duplicates. Is there a setting I should be enabling?

Hi @Barry_Kipperman,

Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the forum. A few questions might help illuminate why Roon’s not catching the duplicates:

  1. Did you import any of these compilations originally using Gracenote (ie. when importing old CDs to an iTunes library, for instance)? Sometimes, deeply embedded data will accompany the track file from Gracenote’s original ID process.

  2. Do you have any custom tags associated with these files?

  3. Lastly, are you able to provide the tech support/QA team with two track files that are duplicates, but are being treated as separate tracks within Roon? Please upload the two tracks here: We’ll take a look at whether can reproduce the issue, and if not, what might be specific to your account that would trigger this behavior.

Thank you!

I imported all the tracks using db Poweramp.
I don’t know what custom tags are, so I dont believe these are associated.
I’ll try to upload duplicate tracks not being spotted by Roon.
The song Along Comes Mary is on the albums Psychedelic Years and Heroes and Villains, but is not identified as a duplicate (see screenshots).
Roon used to spot these reliably, but at least on compilations, no longer seems to do so.

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When you click the three-dot menu of these tracks, does the menu contain a “Go to composition” entry like so?

Only one of the Along Comes Mary tracks has a ‘Go to composition’ associated with it.

Some tracks are simply not recognized as compositions by Roon and it’s a bit of a mystery what is necessary to make a track a composition if it isn’t. Adding a composer does not do it, for instance. Most likely, Roon only sees a composition when this metadata comes from the metadata services. Sometimes, I added a local album and tracks were not recognized as compositions, but then that changed after I added a streaming version to the library as well. But it does not always help.

When a track is not recognized as a composition, it does not show up in the list of recordings of a composition, it does not display the counts and icons for other recordings in the album’s track list, and it does not have a Go To Composition entry in the menu.

IMHO this is a bug or missing feature - at the very least, I should be able to make any track a composition by adding a composer credit and merging it with other recordings to a composition.

@connor , this is a longstanding issue and it would really be great if it could be looked at, because Roon advertises that it is able to identify recordings of a composition, which was one of my reasons for using it - but it turned out that this is not universally true and in particular for smaller artists is a frequent problem. I need tags to mark such tracks for many of my artists (in the hope to sort it out if it is ever fixed in the future). Also see, for instance, these threads:


I am seeing the same problem as well. For example I have one Album that has songs contained in another Compilation and it only sees one of the tracks as having multiple versions. All the other songs don’t show multiple versions. I checked the tags and the Artist and Name tags are exactly the same.

The problem is most likely what I described above. The tracks that are not recognized as another version (or recording) most likely don’t have a “Go to composition” in the track menu because the composition property is somehow missing.

I don’t get why this is so complicated. KISS - Same Artist, Same Track Title = Same Track.

I’m not sure it is that easy because we also want tracks to be identified as a performance of a composition when the artist is not the same. As well if the track title isn’t the same (cover versions don’t necessarily have the same title, or an artist records the same composition several times under different titles).

I agree, though, that when the magic fails there should be at least the KISS option to manually add a track to a composition if the user says so.

As you already mentioned this is a topic for a long time. I‘m just wondering again why there are no official statements for such a recurring topic regarding status quo or if there are any solutuions, workarounds or whatever…

I don’t think anyone discovered a workaround that actually does what we want. (My “workaround” is a tag to track missing compositions for my favorite artists. Not too great). As the common assumption seems to be that the composition property is missing for affected tracks in upstream metadata providers, a solution might be to see if that can be added on AllMusic or MusicBrainz, but no idea if anyone tried that.

As for Roon, they generally don’t comment on plans or anything. It can be aggravating, but having been in their position I can understand.

I do think that it should be solved one way or another (even if with a manual way to create a composition) because their marketing claims about this are often not met in practice.

I agree, they do not comment on new features and so on, but sometimes they at least admit there is a problem they are working on - but not in that case :wink:
And something like to add it to AllMusic or MusicBrainz is kind of a workaround I would like to hear from roon if it helps…
And yes, I think it should be solved one way or another too…

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