Roon not sending audio output to Roon ready device [Solved - Ethernet Cable]


My setup

Roon core running on Mac Mini (OS EI Captain) in headless mode, core 2 duo, 4 gb ram and 250 gb hdd. Total 500 albums

Roon control running on Macbook pro laptop

Mac mini connected to Ambre rood end point using Ethernet cable

Ambre roon end point connected to Metrum DAC


When I select the amber as device and play the music the sound comes from Mac Mini’s internal speakers rather than through the DAC.

I have selected Metrum amber from the devise list under Setting -> Audio->connected to core->Built-in Output

Hope I was able to describe the problem clearly.


Might not be related but your system is way under min spec for a reasonable Roon experience

Flagging @support for you but they might want more info…see here

Thank you so much. I don’t mind upgrading the mac mini spec once I get the basics working.

Is it still importing music, or analysis mode as this could cause significant loads that might make playback somewhat difficult.

You can turn off audio analysis in the settings. Running any DSP functions will be impossible on this hardware I think.

If you post your signal path this will others understand possible causes of your problem. To do this bring up noe playing screen and click on the coloured dot next to the track/artist name. It sounds like you have the wrong settings and device setup. Yes your core is under powers but this won’t cause the issue.

If sound is coming from the Mac mini you have the wrong device added in the core software. How is the Roon core and Amber connected to your netwok? Directly or via a switch or a port on your router. If your network is configured correctly you should see the Ambre device in audio settings where you would add it as an endpoint. If it’s not showing up then its more than likely a network issue.

If you can you need to check the IP address of the core and endpoint are in the same range. E.g. pay attention to the 3rd number set if it’s different then they are on a different subnet to each other and can’t see each other.

Hello @Sunder_Palanivel,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you.

Just wanted to confirm, have you selected your Ambre/Metreum Dac from the zone sidebar before attempting to play music to it? You can read more regarding zones here (, you would want to make sure that in the bottom right corner you have selected the correct zone.

If you have the correct zone selected, please post a screenshot of your Signal Path ( and as @CrystalGipsy mentioned, please let us know your networking setup and how the DAC is connected to the network.


sorry to all of you for not responding on time. I have manage to fix the issue. This is just a ethernet problem with older mac mini since there is no auto switch. A crossover cable fixed the problem

Hello @Sunder_Palanivel,

Glad to hear that you have managed to identify the issue and have corrected it. Thanks again for contacting support and let us know if you run into any other issues!


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