Roon nucleus cannot see usb storage device

just setup roon nucleus. i can log on to my account but nucleus cannot see USB connected drives to set as storage.
roon version 2.0 build 1259

Can you show a screenshot of the result of clicking the “Add folder” button in Roon’s Settings > Storage screen?

Posting screenshots on Community (

Hi Geoff - just empty

What is the format used in the USB drives (and what make/model are they)?

If the format is NTFS, then you may need to first connect them to a Windows PC, run CHDSK and then eject them safely (don’t just unplug them).

it is western digital - been using it with my mac for a few years (don’t have windows) - the nucleus read the drive at first as i restored my back up from it but now doesn’t see it.

thanks very much - i managed to update to v2.0 1259 and can sign on now- however my latest problem is that nucleus cannot see my USB attached drive where my music is stored - just comes up with an empty screen when i browse. not having a good day!

There’s progress :slight_smile:

Is your external disk formatted as NTFS?

yes ,been using it with my mac for quite a while, nucleus read it at first as i was able to restore a backup, but now it can’t see it

NTFS disks have proven notoriously problematic with Nucleus/ROCK. Did you unplug the disk from the Mac without clicking the “Remove Volume” button before unplugging, or from the Nucleus without shutting it down first? Both would cause the disk to be flagged as “unsafely removed” and then the Nucleus won’t mount it again to prevent file system damage, until it is checked and cleaned in Windows.

See the longer story and solutions here:

I’ll bet that this was because your Nucleus out of the box was using an older version of Roon OS which had a more forgiving NTFS driver. The latest version of Roon OS, which you will have now that you have updated your Nucleus, has this very strict NTFS driver…


Hey @Andrew_Woods1,

Following up on this thread, I was able to take a closer look into your account and see that your Nucleus is showing a current local library size of 300k+ tracks, are you still running into issues here?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. Thanks! :+1:

Hi Ben, thanks for checking in.
Running chkdsk on my drive fixed the issue with nucleus not seeing it. Once my library loaded nucleus was regularly crashing when playing local files. I turned off background audio analysis and things have been stable since then.

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