Roon on Synology could not add shared drive in Aurender N10

I have successfully setup RoonServer on Synology and plays well. But I could not add Aurender N10 drive as shared drive for Roon.

If I put my Roon on my PC, i have already added my Aurender N10 as shared drive into my Roon.

Could anyone comment how to add Aurender N10 as shared drive to my Roon on Synology? many thanks.

If the Aurender shares folders over the network, go to Settings> `Storage, and click on + Add folder. If you’ve already tried this, please provide a screenshot of the messages received. Thanks.

here is the error message when i want to add this Aurender N10 drive to Roon.

For comparison, I could easily add Aurender N10 into Roon when I use PC as roon core.

Can you check the SMB service on your NAS has SMB1 set as the minimum SMB protocol?

Please leave your NAS settings regarding SMB protocol levels on default - changing them will most likely not help you with the current issue and SMB 1 is insecure.

If you run the RoonServer App on DSM 7, then it’s simply impossible to add shares in Roon because DSM 7 doesn’t allow installed apps to mount shares - use instead the possibilities provided by the operating system (DSM 7). You can then add the local folder where you mounted the remote share in Roon (make sure to set the correct access rights).


This is super helpful and comprehensive reply.
With this guidance, all are ok now with CIFS folder sharing.
Tons of thanks.

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