Roon, performance decline?

There’s no way to substantiate this claim. Many users purchased devices from dealers. Those users could be bring issues to their sales/integrator. There’s also the folks that could come to this forum and see their issues have been documented and don’t post.

All we know about are the vocal few.

As much as I like Roon when it’s working, I have begun to investigate another solution. It’s not fun to use right now. Odd reboots, freezing, slowness, etc…


Is it possible to go back to a previous version? As you all have been saying, this is not fun right now.

Unfortunately that is not possible.

If you have a full backup and copies of the prior Remotes you can go back.

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I recently moved my core from a headless 2012 i7 Mac Mini running macOS Catalina to a NUC10i7 with 16GB RAM running ROCK. The working copy of my music library is stored in a direct-connected USB RAID 1 drive enclosure. Since both the Mac and the ROCK expose the library over the (wired ethernet) network, I can synchronise library updates from a master copy on the desktop computer I use to download new content and manage metadata (using bliss). I had no problems with the Mac, and the ROCK has also been drama-free (even with the 952 build). Roon does seem a little more responsive with the ROCK core and the processor multipliers are consistently higher than they were with the Mac, My core runs 24/7 and I have not needed to reboot either of them except when upgrades were installed. The iOS and iPadOS remotes are similarly issue-free.

I just wanted to let the community know that I’m completely satisfied with Roon’s performance in my situation and I’m so glad I purchased a lifetime subscription six years ago. I always install updates when prompted and none of them has given me any reason to doubt the competence of the software team. Roon is the best investment I have ever made in my enjoyment of music.


Same for me. Very few problems over 6 years. Guess I am a lucky one. Core is SonicTransporter i9 but have used Dell desktop and NUC i7 previously.


Actually, I suspect that our experiences with Roon are the norm rather than the exception. Folks with problems tend to be more vocal about them, so I wanted to help redress the psychological imbalance!

Glad to have you on my side.


I’ve been using Roon for a while and not using any online services. There are 3 addresses that are constantly accessed.

I know what 2 of them are, But what’s the unencrypted connection to Fastly in Canada? api diagnostics?


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I think the Roon team will always be on the lookout for the best service providers and programs for us.

As a 6 year Roonie Lifer, Roon is working great as it ever has…I never hesitate one second for the next update.

All my connections are hard wired with the exception of my 2020 iPad M1 Remote.

I could not be happier!


Er nope all good my end

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Until this current build I had the same excellent experience for years as well. My Nucleus Plus is sad now.

Same here. Really slow to connect and in need of constant restarts to get any kind of satisfactory performance back. Hoping for a fix really soon because this is getting very old.

Hi All,

It may be related to an identified memory leak issue, see this thread Memory leak in Roon?! [See Staff Post] - #107 by connor

Hello All -

I love Roon and usually do not have many issues. I’m in it probably 8+ hours a day so it’s easy to feel a negative change. There has been a recent “significant” degradation in it’s performance on my system. It seems to struggle with rendering album artwork that was never an issue. I’ve also had lockups and needed to restart the client.

Hangin a lot here too, after last update. Especially after finish playing an album and want to go back to album page. Other programs usually gets better after update, but roon gets worse almost every time. Also wery glad i did not buy lifetime. Hopin for an alternative soon.

I have one minor issue which appeared sometime in the past month or so. The windows based browser freezes (What Roon calls the remote) after I minimize it for a while, and I have to wait for it to wake up.

Other than that no problems to report.

The windows machine runs Win11, Core is ROCK running on NUC8i5, endpoints are two RPI 4B and an Allo USBridge Signature (RPI Compute 3B) running Ropieee 2022.

I am wondering if the problems are version specific?

Probably a combination of version and the system(s) on which it is running I suspect. I use systems very similar to yours (ROCK/NUC, Windows 11 remotes, RPI4 endpoints with Ropieee) and also additional hardware - and I haven’t yet seen any of the problems that are being reported. Build 952 definitely has issues, but (a) they are not affecting everyone and (b) Roon Labs are aware and busy trying to identify and fix the cause(s).

The quite experienced and reading along users should strive for a matrix, which works out systems, versions, devices, actions etc. with and without problems. But this is so multi-dimentional, difficult to realize.

It very much depends on your usage of Roon I think, many don’t do very much other than add and play. For me I have had the odd random freeze of remotes but It mainly happens to me when editing my library or if you go back and forth between views a number of time. it just consumes all memory in next to no time doing this on remotes. I can achieve this again and again this is on windows 11 surface laptop and Andorid remote. Core hasn’t froze which is rock nor needed rebooting. I have had some playback just stop a number of times which is something it’s never done before.

I reported the Android behaviour a while ago and had no answer to that support request at all.

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