Roon, performance decline?

Mine also stops had way through the song.
Regardless of this o could ever understan why so much processing power is recommended to run Roon. I mean a lot of people uses nuc10i7 just for a single software? I understand that it’s a database and these generally require a bit of processing power but what I can see that some put just roon on a more powerful hardware than say a Windows machine. Personally I think it is becoming unhealthy and even off-putting for people who want to start with Roon.
It also makes me to think - so what it is going on inside it so it chokes so frequently. Pulling some art work, lyrics and some artist informatio really needs so much power?

It is the many dreamlike links to the infinite world of music. Much of it you do not see, but brings you step by step with one click. The current problems must not be taken as a yardstick. Solutions are being worked on and patient music lovers live longer, happier and healthier. I am hopeful to see something soon that will help many out of their current situation. I understand that our team does not want to make new releases every day, but to collect problems, fix them, test them and make us happier. It’s more the new features that take months or years.

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I have a performance issue since an update in July/August 2021.

More here:

Your problems are clearly different for me after a short analysis and there were recommendations what could help. I have not read that this assistance has already been accepted. In your case, the much too small main memory must first be expanded considerably for more than 400,000 music titles.

Have been suffering unbearable performance issues for the past two months or so, and I’m now at the point of (sadly) looking for alternatives to Roon.

I mostly use an Android app to control a Windows 10 machine with an i7 and 16g ram running the core. This setup worked just fine for more than a year, but as mentioned above is now laggy to the point of being barely usable.

My music library did not change significantly during the past two months, and the albums that were added, were all added from Tidal (which, BTW, continues to work just fine, while holding more than 80% of my music).

I did not change anything in my network or internet connection.

I did not change any of the devices used.

The core is running version 1.8, build 1021, and it says that’s the latest version.

I’ve been following this thread and another one or two similar ones, with users reporting similar issues, for over two months, and I don’t see a solution or even a response from the Roon team.

The biggest issue for me is not that the software broke. That can happen. The issue is that it hasn’t been fixed, or even addressed.

This is a trust issue.

If I can’t trust the company to provide a decent, reliable software and service, then what am I paying for?


You should open a case in the #support room, filling out all the information that is asked for


Looks like the memory leak referenced here was finally cleared up with build 970 where Roon engaged with this issue as in quite a few other threads if not this one.

Seems it fixed this problem as posting in this thread stopped after the release of 970.

Sorry you are still experiencing problems but as has already been suggested best to start a specific new thread in support with all the details of your setup.

How many did you add? Every album added to the library increases the database usage equally. Meaning, that adding 2000 tidal.albums or 2000 local.albums increases the database overhead equally.

Sorry for the late reply. I probably added about 20 or so. Don’t think that was the cause as I had more than 2,000 prior to that, so we’re talking about about 1% increase in files, and about 50%-80% deterioration in performance.

In any case, the issue seems to have been fixed. Roon works reasonably fast most pf the time now. Hope it stays this way.