Roon Radio: Unexpected Error limiting radio to library

Working OK (using local and Tidal) until about 13.00 (UK) - now back to local library only. Trying to start radio from a tidal track generates ‘unexpected error’.

Hi everyone, we’re aware of the issue and will fix ASAP. Thanks for letting us know and apologies for the inconvenience.


Thank you for your wonderful piece of software.

Yup, screwed up again now . . …

again the problems with roon radio are back.

Yes, problem is back.

Assign best sql profile to Sql Id and hash code. Then set the baseline. This will keep the query from reverting to a bad optimized plan

I’m not able to get Roon Radio to start. I have the button to ‘start after music ends’ set to ‘on’, it picks a track but then it won’t start to play. Also the Queue does not populate until after the music finishes which I’m sure it didn’t used to do. Thanks

Seems to be working now.

First time opportunity to use Roon Radio again since the fault developed and it seems to be working fine as it did initially. Just wanted to big up the developers for introducing the new capability. It really is a wonderful new way to sample music aligned with your tastes and at a superb quality. Already looking forward to the next Roon development.


This error is occurring again tonight.

Ugh same here

Getting a never ending Roon icon here. I thought it might be related to an obscure song choice but same for a very common artist.

We’re checking guys – stand by :man_mechanic:

Ok @Louis_Richardson @guerph @lorin – should be good now.

Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise, ok? Thanks!

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Was working last night but getting “limited to local” error this am.

Great upgrade overall - thanks from a lifetime subscriber!

Try rebooting the core it can get stuck.

@support limited to local (again) sadly, tried rebooting but to no avail.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting us know, we are looking into it now.

Update — Things appear to be okay now. If you’re still having issues please let us know!

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