Roon really needs profile management at this point

As a dad who just gave his 12- and 9- year olds access to Roon to listen to music, I am now seeing the large gaps in profile management functionality in Roon.

Now whenever I launch Roon, my 9-year old’s profile is the default and comes up first. That’s really…annoying.

There ought to be a read-only version so that kids can listen without doing any damage, and a way to set up the default profile that appears upon launch.


Having an “Admin” logon and “limited” logons would be nice to keep those small ones from deleting music or worse renaming the tracks…


… and have different library views per profile.
But this stuff is not new. I asked for this back in 2015 and I’m sure it’s been dicussed iin other posts as well.


Agreed there has been plenty of discussion on this point. What I think is “new” is that as more of us adopt Roon and then integrate it more closely into our houses, we are giving more people access to it in our houses. I.e. “Roon is out of beta” in our household now.

I can understand there would be some complexities if you think about it - i.e. how to handle multiple Tidal accounts, and having each user have their own library with different Tidal titles in it, etc. Not easy.

But I would at least like to see some very basic functions implemented – a master admin profile, a default profile for each local install as to what profile it opens to, and designation of each profile as with editing capabilities or read-only.

It is pretty annoying to launch Roon and have it load up my 9-year old’s profile every time. At least it could default to the earliest profile or something…


I created one of the posts that @stevev1 linked to in his post, so I’m obviously keenly interested in this feature.

The suggestion by @James_I seems like a reasonable MVP before getting into different library views by user, which is what I’m really hoping for.

Tidal definitely complicates things but I would be absolutely cool with a local files-only version of this set of features.

+1 for profile management and being able to have read only access profiles and admin profiles.

Perhaps in the case of kids libraries it more practical to NOT use profiles at all
If you tag every album in your 9 year old’s library (if the library size practically allows for this) you can then create a bookmark. This will give a view of only that “library”. I created such a bookmark for my 9 year old daughter which she uses on her ipad
then I banned all the albums :grin:

I really don’t get why you want to ban K3.


I’d like to see “real” profiles too. My pet peeve, however, is the amount of real estate given over to the Profile section on e.g. a desktop that is totally wasted. A huge (one quarter?) of the screen that has nothing but profile info on the right :-((

You mean on the Overview screen? That screen scrolls vertically, so it probably takes up less than 10% in reality. Mind you, one quarter is taken up by the standard TIDAL new/top albums and playlists - all of which are of no interest to me whatsoever… So there is still room for improvement…

+1 for better profile handling.
At least a “guest” account without the ability to do library management. (read-only)

@Geoff_Coupe, yes! Agree that screen scrolling helps, but the real-estate above the fold is the key area. And right now it is effectively dead space.


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Especially since profiles are effectively meaningless right now.

Another vote here for some sort of parental controls in Roon - I know it probably doesn’t help that Tidal has no parental controls either, but I basically have to stop my kids using the system, and not use the radio option when they are around, in case a track with explicit lyrics comes on.

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+1 Totally agree.

Haha It feels like Radio takes pleasure in playing explicit stuff when Alexa tells it my 8 year old is in the room. I for one welcome my robot overlords.

Definitely agree. While my Mexican girlfriend makes me very happy in many areas of life, her love for music in a language I don’t understand does not :laughing: I have blocked all of these albums within my own profile view and the blocked icon shows on each of them when I’m signed in, but they are all still visible regardless when I believe the intended behavior is for them to hide completely.

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That’s not the intended behaviour for banned albums (AFAIK). You should still see them, but they won’t be played in the Radio mode.

If you don’t want to see them, the simplest thing is to use Focus to display only non-banned albums/tracks, and create a Bookmark to use as your default view…

Super Stuff! Thanks Geoff! I’ll still stick my vote in that it should be the intended behavior then :slight_smile: Her albums make up over half the library lol.

That idea would make Roon a pretty sophisticated multi-user system, effectively with each user having their own library and being able to opt-in to the libraries or parts of the libraries of other users.

That would be great, but I want to be sure to be clear to the Roon team that I think there is a need for even very basic profile/user role management that isn’t nearly that complex to develop. At the very least there needs to be an admin role that can designate other read-only profiles. Right now profiles don’t seem to do anything other than record who added something to a collection or the queue, right?

Or, you learn the language! :wink:

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