Roon Remote taking ages to connect

Since the last update my versions of roon remote, one on Android and one on IOS are taking for ever to connect (2-5 mins). My Roon Library is on a Windows PC running win7. I suspect it’s when the PC has gone to sleep, but previous to the last update they would wake the PC straight away. any suggestions please?

Hi @John_Birch,

Can you please provide more details regarding your setup?
This thread can suggest some details which would be helpful to have:

The PC running Roon Core needs to per powered on and have an active network connection for your Roon Remotes to connect. I would look into this further and see if the issue only occurs when the PC is asleep, as that would be expected behavior.

For some reason my post was truncated as I did submit details.

I’m running my Roon Library on a windows 7 PC. Prior to the last update Roon remote connected pretty quickly on both Apple and android devices, however now it can now take several minutes.
Usually (but not always) the first connect is within an acceptable time period, but when I switch apps on the remote devices and then return to the Roon remote it has lost connection and seems to take an age to reconnect. Sometimes I just give up. I suspect this is when the PC goes to sleep (set for about 15 mins) but prior to the last update the Roon remote app woke up the PC without problems.

Hi @John_Birch,

Thanks for those additional details!

If you set up the PC to go to sleep after for example an hour, do you see the issue go away until then?

What happens if you try to force-quit the Roon app on the device and start it fresh, does that help?

No, unfortunately quitting the Roon Remote App and restarting does not make any difference. It usually (eventually) reconnects, but sometimes this can take 10 minutes or so, and by then I’ve usually lost interest. It doesn’t make any difference which device either. I run Roon remote on Android ipad, iphone and a Macbook air. Before the last update, Remote would wake the PC and whilst it wasn’t immediate in reconnecting, it was usable. Now it’s not.

Hi @John_Birch,

What is your network setup like? Are you using any of the routers listed on our Networking Best Practices Guide that need special setup applied?

Do you have IGMP Snooping / IGMP Proxying setting on your router? I would give this a try if so.

I’m running the Netgear Orbi with two satellites (I live in an old cottage with thick walls) but nothing has changed network-wise only the Roon update. I read your best practices guide so tried unclicking the Disable IGMP Proxying box but it didn’t seem to make much difference. The initial Roon connection took about 2 minutes, then after about 30 minutes I tried to reconnect and it took over 10 minutes to connect.
On my third attempt to reconnect, I actually pressed the help option and put in the IP address of my desktop to scan and it connected almost immediately. Not sure what all this means.

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Update: Since the last email I’m able to connect on via iphone and MacBook Air ok and pretty quickly, irrspective if the PC is in sleeping mode or not. I can not connect at all via my Samsung Android Tablet. I’ve tried deleteing the app, reinstalling, but it can’t find the roon server. Any ideas as this is my preferred device for remote?

Hi @John_Birch,

Does plugging in the IP address of the Core always allow a quick connection?
If you need to put the IP of the Core, this generally means that multicast traffic is failing somewhere along the line, and Roon relies on Multicast for Core discovery.

Are you using the latest firmware on the Orbi?

I am still no further forward with this problem. In the interim I have upgraded my Desktop system to Windows 10 but the problem with Roon Remote on my Android Samsung Tablet still persists and I cannot connect. Roon can see my Android tablet and it is enabled. My Macbook Air and iPhone can both see and connect to the Roon core and control Roon on my Windows PC, but the Android tablet cannot connect. All are on the same network.

If my Macbook Air is switched on Roon Remote on the Android tablet can see Roon on the Macbook and asks me if I want to connect but that is not where my core resides.

My Android Roon Remote used to connect fine, but I think after one of the Roon upgrades it ceased to connect.

Any ideas of how I can get the Android Roon remote to connect as this problem is driving me nuts?

Hi @John_Birch,

Thanks for those additional details. I would first start off with uninstalling the Roon app and reinstalling the App from the Play Store to see if that helps.

Do you by any chance have the Macbook set up as a second Core? Which one is your primary Core?

Have you ensured that you are using the latest Orbi firmware? If there are any updates available, I would suggest updating as that may help.

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