Roon repeat stop and go & low quality than Kazoo!

MBP 2016, 2.9 HZ 16gb radeon pro460x, Linn klimax ds/3 katalyst

Stop and go and low quality than kazoo — low volume and quality, what 's up ?
Roon 1.5 64bit
when I use kazoo all are fine , volume and good audio quality. But When I use Roon, stop and play 3-5 times/min.
Can you refund for me?

I would imagine that the roon team might want to see if they can help you find out what is wrong with your install of roon before issuing a refund so they will need more information on your set-up and may want to run some diagnostics to see f there are any errors.
Here is the get started link

Hey @TaeHyung_Jeon — Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the difficulties here!

We’d love to take a look at this and help you get things running better. So we can better understand what me be happening, may I ask that you please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

So we can gain some additional insight into this, please see the following:

  • Do the dropouts occur when playing to all endpoints? Does it happen for all content?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your signal path in Roon?
  • Have you tried power cycling your Core machine, endpoints, and networking hardware?


this is my setup. I use apple airport Time Machine 3tb connected with internet with Klimax ds.
Mac book pro 15inch radeon pro 460 4GB/ 2016/16GB/
I have a NAV but I don’t use recently and no connection with airport.
Dropout occur anytime every 5–20 second and for all content.
What is power cycling ?
When I use linn kazoo with tidal in my internet or other UPNP with other services, all music never dropout and large volume and much more good sound quality.
I asked my audio dealership, but he don’t know why.
If you cannot solve this problem, please refund .After I try trial and solve this problem then I would like join membership. Now I hear music dropping out persistently…

Hey @TaeHyung_Jeon,

By this I meant rebooting the hardware.

Does this happen for all endpoints? If you play to system output on the Mac do you still see this behavior?

If you disable DSP does this behavior still occur?


Most likely, this is a network issue. Roon is no fan of Apple AirPort networking, let alone attached storage. And connecting the Time Capsule to the Linn endpoint may be fine for DLNA/UPnP, but for Roon, attached storage ideally should be connected to the core, not the endpoint.


I would echo what Andrew (@WiWavelength) said above about storage off the endpoint. With Roon the signal always goes through the Core, so if your Time Machine is connected to the Linn Klimax then the path of your data will look like this:

Time Machine -> Klimax -> MacBook -> Klimax.

If you connect your Time Machine to the MacBook then the path will look like this:

Time Machine -> MacBook -> Klimax.

If your MacBook is connected by WiFi then that is the problem. WiFi is not full duplex and cannot cope with the “both ways” traffic in the first configuration. Your Core is best connected to your network by Ethernet. WiFi is fine for Control, but you will always have problems with a WiFi leg that is required to carry music data in both directions in real time.

I’d suggest testing out Roon by connecting the Time Machine to your MacBook and your MacBook by Ethernet to your router. If you like it, but prefer to use your MacBook on WiFi (naturally) then a NUC running ROCK connected to your router would be a good solution. Your Time Machine could be connected to the NUC or your router.

And as far as sound quality goes and not just the stops and starts are you using the same paramedic eq when you are using kazoo?

Classic ! :joy:

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Call a paramedic, the sound is broken! :grinning:

Why is the OP asking for a refund? What happened during the free trial?

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The trial requires a credit card to start. The card is debited after conclusion of the trial if use is continued. This model has attracted some criticism, but I understand it is a requirement of the payment intermediary. In my experience, however, Roon have always been very reasonable where the end of a trial has been missed and have not sought to exploit this model.

I use time machine as a router not hard disc or NAS. My internet lan port , klimax ds connected to airport time machine . and I use roon via wifi connection through airport time machine.

All man use roon via ethernet connection?

I didn’t set paramedic eq, that is idont use.

You can’t use WiFi to both retrieve music data from storage to the Core and send music data from the Core to an endpoint in real time. At most you want any WiFi leg to be one way only.

Do you have a desktop computer you can use as a Core ? If not, you should trial Roon by connecting your MacBook by Ethernet.

But your signal path that you showed above does show parametric eq engaged. Anyway first you need to fix the stopping and starting.

Usually what is the main output of Roon system?
What is the output of roon? Built in output (written core audio)?

When I select klimax ds3, I can hear via my klimax ds system — --it is airplay – means wifi?
But when I choose built in output, I hear from MBP.
How can I hear from roon system?
What is my problem?

MBP—ethernet----Airport time capsule(no disk function, just router)—Klimax ds and airport are connected internet. What is wrong?
I just hear from airplay via klimax ds.
How can I hear roon-klimax ds system? I now use ethernet MBP to airport.

Hey @TaeHyung_Jeon,

I’d recommend renaming the Built-In Output Zone Name so you can better identify what you’re playing to. This playback goes through the Mac, not directly to the device you chose via Airplay.

When you play back to these devices are you experiencing dropouts? If so, which devices?