Roon Rock still stuck on 1.8

Solution proposed not working
NOT Solved
(Why did Roon spontaneously revert itself from Roon 2.0 to 1.8? [Fixed: Update Server Error, Update To v2.0 Using Migration FAQ] - #102)

Yep, I couldn’t get that solution to work either.

Finally, because I had a library Backup, I bite the bullet and reinstalled ROCK from scratch.

If you download ROCK and install it like you did originally, you will see that it is V1.7. That will successfully update to V2.0.

When did you try it? I read that it was a faulty setting of the updateserver that caused the issue of reverting to 1.8 legacy and that it was fixed. Did the copy 2_0 file to the branchfolder method not work at all? Or did it revert to 1.8 after updating? Trying to work out the right timing here. My listening time is already very limited and I dont want to spend another 4 hours on this while my work is piling up.

Tried 3 , 2 and 1 hour ago
Roon_2.0 file not working, as it didn’t before

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No intention to do it (with around 30tb libraries or more), but a solution had to be verified before just closing the support request

Not sure what that has to do with a fresh install.

If you take Roon library Backups, not music file backups, then there is no problem with having 30TB of files. Are you misunderstanding what I mean by library backup?

Why would you close this support thread? You problem isn’t solved.

The other thread had been closed as solved (not by me), but not solved

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