Roon scrolls through album tracks but never plays [Speakers returned to Bose]

I just joined Roon and everything was working great until now.
When I go into my playlist or albums or really anything to play a song . IT does not play it just goes through all the songs in that field like it is scanning .It scrolls through all of them until it reaches the end it stops but never plays.
Any help would be appreciated

If you review this page and provide the information listed it will help get support started.

One reason this can occur is if your computer is lacking relevant codecs. Are you running either an N (European) or K (Korean) version of Windows ? These could not include Media Player and associated files due to various trade rulings. If so, you can download a media pack from Microsoft.

No it is not a version of those at all European or Korean
It was working fine yesterday. Today I added a new set of speakers
To my computer Bose companion 5 then I tried it and that is when I noticed the problem

Did you load any audio drivers?

I’m wondering if there’s a problem with Roon using them.

If there were any drivers it was done automatically they are usb and loaded the device automatically
You never know .
I just used the remote and there is no issue running Roon the problem is on the core it seems.

I tried putting my old computer speakers back on Roon worked fine.
Once I put back my new speakers Roon started giving me the problem again.
So yes the problem is in the new speakers.
Any suggestions ?

Presumably, the old speakers were connected to the built-in audio hardware of your PC/laptop, whilst the new Bose speakers will have installed an additional software driver, which probably bypasses the built-in audio hardware. Have you setup the Audio in Roon for the Bose speakers?

I would expect you to see, in addition to “System Output”, an additional audio device corresponding to the Bose speakers. That device needs to be setup in Roon.

Thanks tried doing some changes didn’t work.
I don’t really know what the settings should be.
Still when I click on a song it doesn’t play, it then keeps scrolling down my playlist and not playing anything.

So I called Bose and there is nothing they can do on there end since there speaker is plug and play.
So it has to be a setting in Roon that has to be changed. I have no clue to what setting or settings I need to change.
HELP please

Let’s tag @support for you.

Sorry I am knew to this how do I tag @support

You’ve just done it by writing the @ followed by the name of the person or group that you want to be notified…

Thanks for your help much appreciated. Does not look promising after reading other users problems
with the same speakers. Thanks again

Well, I’m going to run through some basic setup. If you go to your Windows Audio and look under devices, what do you see.

Like This:

In your list, you should see a Bose device. You want to make sure that it is Ready and enabled as Default Device (big green check). In addition, if you select it and go under properties, do the following:

Under Enhancement, verify “Disable All Enhancements” is checked
Under Advanced, Both options under exclusive Mode are checked and at this time, use the Test button. If it all works, Click Apply then OK.

Then Open Roon, Go to the Settings, Go to Audio. In that location there should be an option that relates to the Bose speakers. First, verify that it is enabled, then give it a name, then go into Device Setup (gear Icons). Here is the shot of Roon with the Schiit Device enabled and named.

Under Device Setup, under the Playback Tab, you want to make sure that Use Exclusive Mode is checked AND that Use Event Driven Mode is checked.


After that, verify that you have chosen the Bose as the output device in Roon and try playing something. If you have problems, then posting screen shots of your settings, like I did, will help.

Ok I tried what you sent me still the same problem .
Anyway you can go into my computer remotely and see what is going on ?

Here is the screen shots for my audio settings

Thank you for the continued feedback here @Andrew_Cohen1 and more importantly, thank you for your patience.

Moving forward, I would like to enable diagnostics on your account so we can take a closer look into this behavior being experienced when trying to use the companion 5 with Roon, but before I do that I would kindly like to ask you to please perform the following:

  • Please reproduce the issue and note the album that is skipped through and the time of day when the error occurred.

Once I have the time of when the error occurred and what was being played I will enable the mentioned diagnostics as this action will automatically generate/upload a diagnostics report to our servers containing a set of Roon logs.

Additionally, can you please provide a brief but accurate description of your setup so I can add this information to my report. Many thanks!


It happens no matter what album or song. It does it in my playlist and in my library it happens all the time since I put the bose speakers. With my old speakers it works fine. Like I mentioned my remote has no issues just my core.
I run my core on my computer and my remote is an android tablet which plays back on my stereo through Bluetooth Harmon Kardon addon receiver Had no issues like I said it started yesterday when I changed my speakers.I can still play my music to my stereo through the remote

Hi, you need to follow these instructions … then Roon will be able to diagnose the logs for the period of time.
Knowing the time and an album name will help then track down a specific section in the logs.