roon status failure exitcode 43, please help

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet, no VPN, Orbi RBK852, internet work fine

Connected Audio Devices

network play, with devialet expert pro 440

Number of Tracks in Library

below 1000 tracks

Description of Issue

roon status failure exitcode 43, can’t reinstall Operating System, Roon Server Software is not running

I don’t know what exitcode 43 means but there was another recent case with this, and then it magically started working the next day or so, without user intervention. Unfortunately I can’t find this post now because I think the affected user only posted a screenshot with the “43” message and it was not mentioned in the text. But I remember having watched the thread and saw the closing post with essentially “it works now, I did nothing”. Maybe you are just as lucky :slight_smile:

Update your video drivers.

Thank you, my search mistake, I searched for “errorcode 43” and some other terms with 43, just not for the right one :slight_smile:

Hey @Lee_Patrick,

I wanted to check in on this issue to see if you were still running into the exitcode 43 error?

If so, please try to access the webUI of your Nucleus, and perform an OS reinstall. To lean on the safe side, please try to create a fresh backup before anything else.

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :pray:

Problem is that in this and in the other linked case the error appeared when trying exactly that

True, but I believe that a further reboot followed by a reinstall of Roon OS worked for @Michael_Reiczyk.

Yeah, like I wrote when I posted the link to the other case.

Maybe if it knows that it exits with code 43 it knows enough to give a more meaningful message. If that’s always transient it could say “try again later” for instance.

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