Roon stop working since 13/3/2020


My Window based machines all stopped working as of 13/3/2020. Issues rendering the screen then all become un-responsive and dies.
Desktop, NUC and my Surface pro. Help please…

Welcome to the community, @stephen_campbell1!

I have moved your post to the #support section so it get’s the needed attention. However, it would be really helpful if you could provide more details about your setup. Please see the following post on reporting problems.

Specifically, please make sure to describe the issue , and describe your setup:

Describe The Issue

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  • What’s not working
  • How often the issue occurs

This could be “every time I start the app”, or “every time I click a certain button”,etc.

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Describe Your Setup

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Including these details in your first post helps us resolve your issues faster.

Hi my setup is fairly standard.
NUC running the Core with my files stored on a Synology D512 - no problem here.
I have been using a desktop i3 platform with windows 10 to control my Roon and drive my renderers from this platform - This has stopped working.
I also use a Windows Surface Pro, again an i3 based machine. This has also stopped working.
My Nokia Android phone has the Roon app - this works no prob.
My Asus Tab is also android based and this works, no problem.

The problem started on or around 13th March.
Basically there is no graphics on the screen of the Surface and Desktop.
Help please.

My devices are networked by my ASUS router.
My renderers are a Lyngdorf TDAi3400 and the Auralic Altair G1, Chord Poly and a Heos AV amp.

The graphics drivers probably need updating. Go to the Intel site for inbuilt graphics (Google it) and get an update.

I am using an ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 graphics card. It is up to date, unless there is something else the matter…

You might be having problems related to.
Products That Do Not Support Windows® 10

AMD Radeon™ HD 4000 Series products and older are not certified to support Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.2 or higher and therefore, do not have driver support for Windows® 10.

Hi @stephen_campbell1,

Are both the Windows Surface Pro and the desktop failing in the exact same way? Is there any difference?

Can you make sure that your graphics drivers are updated for both? Note that you don’t want to rely on Windows automatic driver updates for this — You’ll want to download the updates directly from the manufacturer’s website.

On the Windows Surface Pro can you try reinstalling the Roon app and let us know if there is any change?


I have now installed ROON on a third laptop(ASUS V550C i3 with 6gb RAM - Windows 8.1) and same typeof problem. The application starts,sits there, then closes. Have tried both versions(32/64 bit)with the same result.
The thing is,I had no problems before ~13th March and the only common application is ROON so my simple deduction is that something changed in ROON…??? This is now rather frustrating.

On my Surface Pro, the application can work but with an extended full screen which the application reports on startup giving me the ability to accept the option to go full screen, but on my laptop and desktop, nothing like this - just closes…


Hi @stephen_campbell1,

On the laptop, would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link?

Are you seeing any error messages when Roon closes?

What GPU does the device use? Is the GPU driver up to date?

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