Roon Stopped Recognizing NTFS HDD after OS Monterey upgrade [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 2018, 128gb SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mac Mini on wifi off Amazon eero

Connected Audio Devices

None…only hard drives

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Description of Issue

After os Monterey update Roon storage settings no longer recognize WD Elements HDD that was previously connected and worked fine. The HDD was originally created on Windows PC, never presented an issue with Roon and is readable on Mac Mini. The only issue Roon failed to recognize it and now I can no longer add this drive as a storage folder.

Please assist…thanks!

Apple caused the problem and is still working on it.

How do we know that? The drive is readable by mac mini but not recognized by Roon. It sounds like Roon needs to be working on it, not Apple…

Thx! But I am using regular usb port on the mini. And…mini can read the drive. Roon can’t.

Still looking for help. If anyone had run into this issue please let me know.

Here’s the old post with similar issues…Roon tech team what say ya?

Just curious, did you try resetting the NVRAM and PRAM on the Mac mini yet?How to reset the SMC, PRAM and NVRAM on a Mac Desktop - iFixit Repair Guide

No. What would it do? Also, I don’t have apple keyboard.

I just want to make sure it is 100% clear - the mac mini sees and reads the drive. It’s Roon that doesn’t see it.

Resetting the PRAM fixes hardware issues with Macs. I work IT and have had it resolve issues with fans and battery charging on MacBooks via USB. I don’t work for Roon, but if you read some of the articles that Uwe provided, it was reported that some of the users issues were resolved by resetting PRAM. Also not all of the information was related to USB hubs or docks. Some users were having issues with USB devices connected directly to the USB port.

Parameter random-access memory stores settings related to your startup disk preference, display, audio and various other settings controlled within System Preferences. If your computer doesn’t start, hangs at the Applelogo or exhibits problems related to audio, video or other hardware settings, consider performing a PRAM reset. Before resetting your PRAM, disconnect all of your external devices and attempt to restart your computer. If a restart doesn’t resolve the problem, a system reset to restore the default hardware configuration settings may solve your problem.

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I have the same issue. After upgrading to OS Monterey, Roon can’t recognise NTFS hard drive which works well before OS upgrading. Mac mini can read the drive, Roon can’t. Please help to solve the issue.

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Definitely an OS compatibility issue. In any case, needs to be addressed.

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No matter who’s, I wish Somebody should coordinate and get a solution to kick off the issue.

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Same quote on my support post. The Macs being discussed here are seeing the drives in these instances so it is not related to the issue you keep posting about where the Mac has basic USB issues and cannot see the drives or whatever. Can you tell us how Apple caused this problem please.

We should stay on topic. Roon IT team needs to address this issue - sounds like a potential security/permissions/privileges related issue at an app level that prohibits Roon from accessing drive.

Roon tech team - please resolve!

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Update -
Got a brand new external drive. Mac sees it, Roon doesn’t. Formatted the new drive as exFAT and bang! Roon sees it!
Copying all my music rips from the unrecognizable-by-Roon NTFS drive to the new exFAT HDD.
Roon tech team - this a work-around and NOT a fix. You got work to do!

Yes, it works at exFAT or APFS, but not a normal situation. The window format drives should be recognised by Roon.

The multi-layered problem is explained here:

Compatibility with NTFS is a special issue for Paragon:

there is also a solution here:

Video on the topic:

Here is also advised to go to exFat:

It was to be expected that NTFS would only run (partially) under very specific conditions and temporarily until the next update from Apple. In my estimation, the developers of music management software will not intervene here and expect that common and known workarounds will continue to be used. Surely there are other tricks that work under older versions, but with every update the issue comes up again because Apple wants it that way.

Hello @Zorik_Shirman ,

Thanks for the report here. We’ve been able to reproduce similar behavior on NTFS drives and MacOS Monterey and have put in a ticket for the team to investigate this further. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention!


Norris thanks! Appreciate you looking into it!

Uwe…I get you’re trying to help but you’re posting information that’s immaterial to this issue and by doing that you’re derailing the conversation and taking the attention away from the actual problem.

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