Roon stops playing Macbook - XR500 - Linn Majik DSM

Hi! Roon stops playing occationally. Sometimes several times a day. It happens with different songs and different type of files. Mostly when the song is about to start, but also in the middle of a song. I’ve got the Roon Core on a Macbook, streaming WiFi to a Netgear XR500 and on to a Linn Majik DSM. When the music stops, internet is still available in Firefox. I think the problem has to do with the XR500 and has been in contact with Netgear support about how to set it up and it works fine for everything else, except Roon.

Hello @Anders_Hornbacher,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you. My questions for you are as follows:

  • Does the issue playing music only occur on your Linn Majik or is the issue present on other DACs or even system output on the Macbook? If this is a Linn specific issue, then I would recommend updating the Linn Drivers with Konfig.
  • How is the Core connected to your network? Is it connected via hardwire LAN or over Wifi?
  • Is the Linn set as a static IP or is it using DHCP addressing from the Router?
  • Can you please try and reproduce the issue and write down the exact local time in your country that the music stops working randomly (ex.12:45PM)? I have enabled diagnostics mode on your account and what that will do is next time that your Roon core is active, it will automatically send us the error logs from your machine and I can take a look to see what error is being outputted and cross-reference with the timestamp you give me.

Please let me know your answers to the above questions when possible.


me too!
i listen roon everyday.
my roon core is PC and listen roon with Linn Magic DSM or Raspberry pi.
only Linn Majik DSM stop roon sometime.
and Linn Konfig is latest version.
my core connected with LAN.
and my core is Core i5 3470s 8GB(memory) 1TB SSHD.
Linn Majik is on an ethernet cable.
and Linn set as a static IP from the Router.
please tell me what i do.

The last few days I’ve been waiting for the music to stop, but it’s been better than usually. However, just now it happened again, but now Roon started playing again after about 15 seconds, but the next song. Before it stopped completly. The time for this occurence was 23:34 2018-06-07 CET.

Roon works ok on my remote installation on a iPhone8. I already had the latest drivers installed on my Linn Majik.

The Core is connected to the router by a WiFi-link. The Linn Majik is on an ethernet cable.

The Linn Majik is using DHCP.

Just now I had more trouble - 2018-06-11 23:57 CET when playing a song. It stopped in Roon at 1:46 into the song but it kept on streaming to the Linn Majik, however with a lot of stops and goes. The next song had a similar problem. I decided to restart Roon Core, but then the Linn Majik did not even show up as a zone. I restarted the router and the Majik and checked the adminpage for the router and the router is connected to the Majik, but does now does not show up in Roon as a zone. I tried to connect to the Majik via Songcast outside Roon, but that did not work either, so I figure the problem is not Roon.

Just another short reply…

I had to unplug the power cord to the Majik to have it show up in Songcast and Roon, but now it’s playing in Roon, but at 2018-06-12 00:52 CET Roon jumped in the middle of an song to the next one.

Hello @Anders_Hornbacher,

Thank you for your detailed replies and providing the requested timestamps, I can confirm that our servers have successfully received the logs from your machine and I have submitted a case regarding your Linn Issues with our QA team. I appreciate your patience while they perform their investigation and will be sure to report their findings to you as soon as I have them. @YOSHIHIRO_YAMADA since you seem to be experiencing the same issue I will also update you here as well once we have a clear idea of what’s going on.


Hello noris

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t know why since i posted here that problem is not occur among few days.
I listen every day wait and see!

Hello @Anders_Hornbacher,

I have just received the initial report from QA regarding your case and they require some more information regarding your setup to better determine what’s going on here. They ask for the following:

  • Can you please provide more information about your Macbook Roon Core? Specifically, what model is it, what kind of CPU does it have, RAM amount and if you are using an SSD or a regular hard disk for your Roon Library.
  • A more detailed description of your Network. How is your Macbook connected here? Through Ethernet (LAN) cable from the router or through WiFi? How is the Linn Magik connected? Are there any LAN switches in the setup or is it a direct connection from Modem to Router? Is the Modem you have from your ISP actually a Modem/Router combo and has it’s own separate WiFi that you are using? Any powerline adapters or range extenders in your setup?

Please let me know your answers to the above when possible so that I can pass that information on to the QA team reviewing your case.

Thank You,

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Hi Noris! Thanks for following this up!

I have a Macbook Early 2016, processor 1,3 GHz Intel Core m7, memory 8 GB 1867 MHz LPDDR3 and the harddrive is an SSD.

The network is as follows… WiFi (5 GHz) between the macbook and the XR500. Ethernet cable between the XR500 and the Majik. The XR500 is directly connected to the internet by a 10Mbit fiber connection. No adapters nor extenders. An Iphone8 also uses the network as well as an Ubuntu-NUC by ethernet.


Yesterday roon stop playing too.
I wait and see.

Hello @Anders_Hornbacher,

Thank you for providing us the requested information. QA asks if you could please verify if the same behavior is exhibited when you connect your Macbook Pro directly to the XR500 via an Ethernet (Cat5) cable and if the dropouts are still occurring after having done so. That would allow us to eliminate the network as a variable and focus more to see if this is a device specific issue. Please let me know your thoughts after having done so.



I’m sorry to hear that you have seen the same behavior here, can you please write down the exact local time in your country (ex. 3:25PM) that you see the dropout occurring at? I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode on your account and a report will automatically be generated and sent to our servers for further analysis. If you can note the time, we can cross-reference to see if there is a reason as to why it failed playback or if you can remember roughly what time it crashed from the past day then we can look and see if Roon displayed any errors at that time.


Dear Noris! I don’t have the hardware for connecting the Macbook (not Pro) by ethernet to the XR500. I have an adapter but it only adapts another USB, HDMI and an old USB. However I have an AUX-cable wired between the Macbook and the Majik. Do you want me to try this alternativ?

Hello noris
Now stop Roon at 6:49AM.

Hello @Anders_Hornbacher,

All you would require in this case is a CAT5 Ethernet cable, and to plug it directly into the back of the XR500 in one of the LAN ports (1/2/3/4) as pictured here:

The reasoning behind this test is to that we can eliminate WiFi from the equation and see if playbacks are still stopping after doing so. Your Macbook should have a port on the side or back of it that this Ethernet cable can plug into.



Thank you for providing the Timestamp, I have added that to your case and have forwarded it our QA team. I will let you know once they have completed their report and have passed it on to me.


Thanks for answer noris.
Roon stops playing at 6:57AM too.


Thank you, I have added that timestamp to the case as well. We will be in touch after I have more updates to give you, appreciate your patience in the meantime.