Roon/Tidal not working properly [Resolved]

Same problem here in the USA.

Hi @jwtrace,

I’ve started a new thread for your issue as the old one was found to be a specific issue arising from a country code error. Can you set out in more detail exactly what you are experiencing together with some system details ?

As a preliminary step, if you cannot locate playlists etc., check whether you are somehow logged in to a different Roon profile. This has happened to a number of users who weren’t aware that they even had an additional profile in Roon.

One account that I know of. Cleared cache and that didn’t do anything.

Only one account confirmed. I don’t get why this happens…very frustrating.

Did you quit the Roon or Roon Server app and then restart? Sometimes that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Stopping RoonServer on the Synology 1813+ and restarting it did the trick.

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Glad you up and running.

I know it’s a bit of a ‘joke’ but in the IT support world “switching it off and on again” often works wonders. We did just that to a very large system recent … and now all is well again.

I’ve found in the past that restarting the computer isn’t enough. The Roon Core needs to be restarted.

Anyway, great that it’s working.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Greg,
Surely restarting the computer [that the core is running on of course] restarts the Roon Core.
Am I missing something?

You would think, however it’s not always what I’ve observed. I have no idea why.

Cheers, Greg

What I don’t understand and I’ve asked other companies and have always gotten crickets as a response. If it’s advantageous to something being restarted every once in a while; why not write the code as such so it automatically (in this case) would stop and restart every week, month or whatever you’re able to select? That just seems to make sense to me to keep everything running smooth and to avoid this issue.