Roon volume control not working - MScaler / TT2


As title suggests. The volume control isn’t working. It’s set to ‘device’ not fixed.

NUC - MScaler - TT2. Roon app on iPhone. Both Qoboz and Tidal.

Any ideas?


The M-Scaler is just an up-sampler not a digital pre-amplifier – there is no working volume control built-in.

Use the volume controls on the TT2 (what I would use) or experiment with the “DSP Volume” setting instead of “Device Volume”.

Ah, thanks very much.

So if the MScaler comes first in the chain, how do I select the volume control via the TT2?

Excuse my ignorance; I enjoy the sound but am an old luddite.

Also, the Qutest has no digital gain - so can volume control be used with this device? Out of interest.

Was there no manual with your TT2? If not, you can also find a digital version on Chord’s homepage.

Use the volume control on the device or use the RC. Don’t put the TT2 in DAC mode (volume control disabled).

I’m pretty sure, there is a volume control somewhere in the chain. As far as Roon is concerned, this are the options:

Note: “DSP Volume” is usually not an option over network, so the Roon endpoint needs a working volume control that reacts on volume change commands from Roon (Device Volume) or you have to find other ways to control volume.

As your using the mscaler first, it’s connected to the TT2 by BNC which won’t allow Roon to communicate to and get info back from the DAC. Only usb as far as I know connected directly to the DAC would do this. I may be wrong but I feel you either use Roons DSP which I doubt is as good as the preamp control in the mscaler or just use the remote it comes with.

Thanks very much, and @BlackJack

I perhaps should’ve been clearer, in that I’m using the TT2 in DAC mode as it’s going through an integrated amplifier. I (assume) I therefore can’t use the TT2 as a pre.

I assume you meant TT2 rather than MScaler here?

The further reason I would like to use the volume function via the iPhone (or TT2 remote if possible) is that my integrated has no remote.

Thanks again

Yes sorry I did mean the TT2 and use it’s remote. To use you phone or Roon then you need to use DSP volume and let Roon attenuate. However if your using an integrated amp as well then your using two levels of attenuation one digital in DSP and your amps analogue. Ideally you want only one volume control in a system as it becomes difficult to manage two, especially if you use you amp for other sources and it can affect sq.

With Chord you should ideally set Fixed volume in Roon, and then use the integrated amp to control volume.