Roon won't remember my login

I responded to you because you replied to me. It’s that simple.

Have a good life.

I only have a day or two until my trial ends. I really appreciate the work by the Roon team and other members posting here to bring more awareness to this issue.

Is it possible to get another response soon?

I’m unsure about spending $100 on Roon at this point. I think the software is great, it would just be really nice to know that I won’t have to type out my email and password every time I open it.

Well, now that monthly billing is available. You might come back and try it for a month.

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If you contact @accounts they are normally pretty good at extending trials.

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Since it was asked why I (will) switch off my Roon server so many times…

Basically, when I’m going to work and I’m not at home (assuming we get to an end at some point with this Corona story :wink:), I switch off most of my electric stuff, this to reduce the chances of fire due to failing electronics. Also, if there suddenly a storm with lightning, it’s always a good idea to keep things unplugged from the “wall”, this to avoid coming home and your server being dead from a surge. These are only a few reasons to switch on and off so much my Roon server.


Hi everyone,

I don’t have any specific updates I can provide just yet, but I just wanted to reassure everyone that this continues to be a high priority issue for us and we’ll be sure to reach out to everyone ASAP when we do have more information on the status of this.

Our previous information on this can be found here:

same issue here. Each day I start Roon, I have to log in with full credentials. I’m in 5’th day of trial and it’s a bit annoying. Roon core on a PC with Windows 10 Home edition.


I’ll add that I experience this issue as well. I need to re-log in about once per day. I am using MacBook Pro 13-in 2017 with macOS Big Sur.

I’m on a Roon Trial using Windows 10 home. I have to login to my Roon account each day when starting up the Roon software.


Same issue here. Every time after PC restart, I need to log in again. My trial is about to expire and this will be a deal breaker for me. I see you have been actively into this @support from beginning of September already, which is almost 3 months. Any progress or a deadline?

This only happens for trial accounts so if you paid for roon it would go away. You can pay for a month to check for yourself.

Are you sure? As this was reply from roon @support 5 days ago:

This issue is being investigated by our QA team and has been escalated to our senior technical team as well. Our QA team has been working to reproduce this issue in-house, but unfortunately nobody on our team is seeing this issue occur. Our team is spread across the globe with a wide range of setups, but this isn’t something that any of us are able to reliable reproduce, and for most of our customers this behavior isn’t occurring. I don’t say this to discount any reports of this, or to say t…

I can give it a try, but if it doesn’t work, would like to get my money back. Which I assume I won’t.

Roon are pretty good about stuff like that @accounts

Hey @Keith_Kurg,

This is Rebeka with accounts. Thanks for bearing with us while we investigate this inconvenient issue. We’d love it if you could give it a try.

As things stand now, you haven’t been charged - you’re still during your trial. If you decide to continue with a paid subscription, here’s how refunds work at Roon:


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Hi Rebeka,

Thanks for getting back to me. As it stands now, Roon is asking me for a login every time I restart my PC and this would be a deal breaker for me as I see no point to this action. @ged_hickman1 said this will not happen after I go on the full version. The link you posted here clearly states that the subscription is not refundable, so there is no free way for me to test this theory.

Monthly isn’t refundable, annual is.

Hey @Keith_Kurg,

@ged_hickman1 is right - a yearly subscription is fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.

I’m hoping you’ll be able to give it a try (no matter what subscription).

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Is that true the tthis only happens on trial accounts? That’s a very helpful bit of information if true. Are you sure about it? Thanks for the contribution!

Hi @Tim_H — Yes, we’ve found that this seems to specifically affect trial accounts. We’ve received confirmation from several individuals that the issue is no longer occurring after transitioning to a standard subscription. Our team continues to work on this issue for those on trials.

Same issue for me. Currently in trial phase before converting to monthly subscription in 12 days. Hoping once the paid subscription starts this niggle goes away :slight_smile: