RoonReady Releases this fall?

What new RoonReady devices are anticipated this fall?

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Was just thinking the same.

Does anybody know if there will be some sort of integrated device? Like a DAC that can accept the roon signal from the core via LAN? A bit like a DAC and a transporter rolled into one. The only one I know will be the Mytek Manhattan II.

Like this, you mean?

Ouch $8950, usually for us “Hollanders” that means als the same in EUR. Looks nice, but a bit above my pain threshold. But now I know of two :slight_smile:.

Perhaps at €1999, the Auralic Altair may tickle your fancy?

I guess there’s ample RoonReady product in the pipeline, but communication is up to the manufacturers – obviously Roon is not in a position to speak publicly about products currently in certification.

I really, really want the upcoming QUAD Artera Link to be Roon Ready, but all the signs and portents tell me that it is just not to be…

The British appear to be rather stubborn…

Cough. Tell me about it :slight_smile: (he said, holding a British passport). Mind you, QUAD was bought out by the Chinese some years back, so perhaps it’s down to inscrutability, rather than stubbornness…

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Asking an Audio manufacturer to bundle wireless technology, network protocol, roon-ready, etc all comes at a big price mark up. A more cost effective route is leave the computer/network stuff to the manufacturers who specialize it and mass produce it and leave the music filtering to those who do that the best.

A low end Mac Mini with a Mytek Brooklynn will give you more capability than the Manhattan at a much lower price point. Substitute the Mac with lower cost and just as effective hardware and still more savings.

Just my humble opinion.


Did not delve into roon for a while due to work, but now wanted to check if there were new announcements. The Auralic as Rene mentions is interesting, but what if Wang chooses to pull support for RAAT. There are so many variables from technical, business, marketing, whatever point of view where things can turn a dead end in any partnership between roon and any manufacturer. Not that I don’t trust the roon guys, just my opinon.

Using established ways as you point out makes maybe more sense in the long run io. waiting/hoping for the holy grail.

Just wanted to cut down on the number of boxes needed. Will have to investigate a bit more.

dCS Rossini is also comming soon with Roonready and MQA.
Not your pricerange but that was not the first question, ha ha,


PSAudio DirectStream Junior is $4k. Not cheap, but less than some.

Just do what I did and buy a Mytek Brooklyn. Here in Australia I managed to get one for $2800. DSD and MQA and Roon support and a photo stage too. Superb bit of kit :slight_smile:

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Hello All,

As might be expected, we can’t speak for other companies and their timetables, but I can say the old addage that “If it weren’t for trade shows, no audio products would be released” will bear fruit in the coming months and a number of partners will fall off the “Coming Soon” list and become full-fledged members of the Roon Ready family.

Fall will also find a release or two that have not been anticipated.

The most exciting thing I can say is that we have started working with a third party networked audio module design shop that makes a much less expensive option than is currently available to performance audio manufacturers, which will mean that network capabilities will be available on much less expensive devices than the current generation of partner devices.

This means both that very high-end companies can make less expensive stuff for secondary rooms and that companies making equipment at lower pricepoints can finally add networking to their products.

As with all things, it will take some time for this to be an option that manufacturers know about and then to turn into real things you can buy, but know that we are aware of how important it is to have a full range of prices and functions in Roon Ready devices and we are working to make tools that enable the ecosystem.


Can get a ps audio Jr little cheaper if you opt for the trade in option but maybe not available outside the USA that will save you $1000 usd so well worth it if they accept.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just gotten off the phone with the kids at Lenbrook, and we can now say that all BlueOS enabled devices from Bluesound and NAD will be Roon Ready in an upcoming release.

This is a really exciting development for the Roon Ready partner program, given the breadth of the Lenbrook offerings and the number of roles their devices can fill in a multiroom environment.

They will soon have an official announcement and more details about the timeline.


Congratulations and Cheers! :beers:

Great and congrats. That is a bit of unexpected, but pleasant news. Also for roon, this will extend the reach significantly.

Happy, I did not sell my Node yet.

With Naim, tagging along, it’s been a good couple of days for Roon. Just need to get Deezer to crack open their FLAC catalog :wink:

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Terrific news, as it opens up swathes of useful hardware.

Wish I’d seen this coming so wouldn’t have bought the B&W A5 :astonished: