Save music in Roon in TIDAL

I have the problem that I don’t take over when saving titles at TIDAL! I listen to 60% Turkish songs. I don’t have the problem with other songs that are not Turkish. Do you have any experience with special characters or what could be the reason?

I’m not sure of your question. I listen to a lot of Scandinavian bands, I used to add them to my library with Qobuz and Tidal, I no longer do, just stream. I have many of my own music with non English characters and never had a problem I could attribute to them.

You mean the ever-loading button after you click the + sign (add to library)? I get that too most of the time, pretty sure it’s a bug. Sometimes going out of the album view and back in will show it as added to the library, but sometimes it just plain does not work at all.

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Yes, exactly and doesn’t store it. When you close and open Roon, he takes over, but next time it’s not saved again! Just annoying!

Roon play music according to your preferences and if it doesn’t save you get wrong suggestions.

The Same Problem!

I have saved the album several times and it is not taken over by Roon!

Here is another example! What can be the reason or does it have to do with performance problems with Roon Core?

Happens to me almost every single time.