Search is non-functional - Can't connect to Roon Search error message

Roon Core Machine

macOS production 1169

Networking Gear & Setup Details

netgear orbi rbr10 mesh wireless, three rbs10 satellites

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos - various - fives, play fives, threes, and ones
iFi stream

Number of Tracks in Library

no idea how to find, fairly small

Description of Issue

My ability to search has disappeared recently and I need help to restore this functionality. Looks like others are suffering too. Is this a known new issue?


Fellow user here.
Are you able to connect your core via Ethernet?:
At least temporarily as a means of trouble shooting.
Roon can have issues when the core is using wifi and some have found mesh networks to be particularly troublesome.

Edit: Some VPNs can interfere with Roon search and metadata sourcing.
If you are using a VPN you might want to try turning it off and see if that helps.

Hi Jeff

Thank you for your quick response.

No, my core resides on my mac mini i7 and is upstairs and nowhere near my router. So it is wifi all the way for me. I wouldn’t think this would affect search functionality.

But it has worked in the past. If i try to search from the home page i get the error message that it can’t connect to roon search. If i go to my library and search by artist, it pulls up what i have in my library, and shows me other offerings from tidal.

I do have a vpn, but it is not in use (not connected) when i am using roon.



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I also am getting this error. Is there an issue with the Roon infrastructure?

Do you get this failure with Michael Praetorius? I find I am sometimes getting results with a full name but not partial names.

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Huh. That works fine. Thanks for the suggestion.

Some single words are searchable but some are not. I don’t understand what is failing, unless some words are not indexed or something and therefore fail. Hopefully someone will chime in with an explanation and solution.

EDIT: I was looking for a recording made in your home city that is a favourite of mine at this time of year.

Thank you for reporting this and filling out the support form. I’ll have to look at your log files.

Could you please:

  1. restart roon and run a few search queries
  2. send us the log files, here you’ll find instructions on how to do that

Did you have the issue before the 1169 update, or did it appear after?

I’m not sure, but it could have been a corrupt cache, given that other queries work fine, and this particular query that you posted works fine now as well. Either way, it’s most likely not related to this particular support case if other queries work for you. Could you please open a separate thread, and fill out some details? I’d need to know if you’re running as well the 1169 version, OS, library size (at least roughly), and if you’re having issues with a few other search queries.

For example. A search on Karajan and von Karajan fail for me but Herbert von Karajan behaves normally. I think this peculiarity with partial names may be quite widespread.

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Surely, but please consider that the reasons why the queries are failing for you and @Nathan_Wilkes might be completely different reasons to what is happening with the case of the OP @J_Mark_Steber, for whom search seems to not work at all.

I’ll have a look at both, but in this thread, I need information from @J_Mark_Steber .

Can you post some specific examples of what you are searching for and some screen shots? Can you not search for anything at all? That is, do some searches work from the magnifying glass but others do not? It will help roon to diagnose a lot.

I am simply trying to search for christmas or holiday music from the home screen.

genres, not specific artists or album names, although those should come up through a tidal search or a search of my own library. they do not.

I have made exactly the same comment on another thread.

Since one of the advantages of roon is the claim of the ability to piece together music metadata, it would seem to me that a simple genre search should not be out of the question.

Agreed. But apparently it is not a common search so there is code but there is a low release priority. Of course during the Christmas period more are going to seach this way.

The only reason I personally have not used a genre search more in the past is that I didn’t use search much in the first place as it didn’t work for me. If I had been asked, or I knew that a genre search worked I would have used it all the time. It is possible to navigate to your genres through the genre browser but unless you are very organized and have a photographic memory of your genre hierarchy it can be next to impossible to find anything. So generally I just randomly click on a few recently added albums or scroll around a bit more until I find an album with the genre I am looking for. Not ideal.

Regardless of genres, it should still provide results

Could you please answer to this?


Hopefully they will improve this with a new release. It should be a database search expansion, which I would think would be relatively simple, but maybe it is more involved.

Like you I just look around. Roon isn’t making this easy, and before I sign up for a lifetime subscription I want to understand its capabilities and limitations.


Guys…anything. It seems to be a known problem with 1169. Please advise.

Are you still having the issue after updating to 1182?