Somafm not working

Ha ha! I’ve just vpn’d to Switzerland and that stream doesn’t work - “site can’t be reached”. Strange. Let me investigate.

After vpn’ing to Switzerland, I searched for the website using Google, and went to the link provided in case it was different - it wasn’t.

Once there, and using the website, I found that most of the streams would not play. Is that the same for you?

However, you say that your Bluesound can play them?

Let me ask a user who lives in Switzerland…
@blackjack would you be so kind as to try 1.FM: Otto's Classical Music Radio for us please?

Edit: I suspect you need an account which is not necessary for non-residents. Bluesound will have arranged something with them.

I doubt that I need an account as I can play from the web all the stations

Oh, that idea’s no good then.

Perhaps my VPN is not good enough. The website is evidently using different streams for you.

Doesn’t play for me – not even on the website.


Note: Most stations don’t play (for me). This is one that plays (in Roon and also on the home page).


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Thank you @blackjack.

I’m even more confused though if you cannot use website streams and OP can.

@BrianW have you tried using the link 1.FM - Otto's Classical Music Radio
which is the link by the name of the radio?
If I click on that I can play the music from pc

Does not play (for me) reason: See above (404)
Stream URL:

Curious how you can play that station from the website if you get the same error (“impossible to find…”, 404) basically when using the stream URL directly.

I am using a different link (1.FM - Otto's Classical Music Radio) and not strm112.1fm as the latter gives me error.

This is not a different link, just the website. The player inside the website tries to load the stream from the URL documented above and that you claim you can’t reach/play too (same as me and Brian).

I am not sure, I know that by going through the web site and clicking on otto it plays for me, but I am not able to see the actual link

This is the footer of station that is actually playing (pause symbol, playbars):

The symbol shown on your screenshot just documents that the station is not playing:

As I already documented above too

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Oh sh… you are right is not playing now but it was before. I am lost

But it is playing on bluesound still. and it also plays if I go through tunein on the web

by the way Star Fm Blues gives me the “playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”

TuneIn (in Switzerland, I vpn’d there) uses

So no difference really.

I wonder; could the fact that bluesound works imply that an account has been set up for his IP address by bluesound?

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Does not play on TuneIn too (same stream URL – same problem).

Might be related to GDPR (allows to play for a specified time period) that got cached when the station was working for the OP? The station probably only works during the day (worktime hours)?

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Fixed it. The station had added some redirects to the stream which confused Roon. Should be ok now.

I apologize I misled you both of you, on bluesound I was clicking on a 1Fm station but it was not Otto. Sorry.

But the problem remains ie most of 1Fm stations listed on roon do not work

1fm Blues , 1fm Chillout , 1Fm bay blues do work on both Roon and Bluesound/tunein

Doesn’t seem like a Roon problem if the stations don’t even play from the 1.FM website. Roon just can’t play unavailable stations. I didn’t have a closer look on them lately, so I don’t know if they are available on some days or times or just no more.

@BlackJack yes you are right, but then those station that are broken should be deleted, It is frustrating for a user to click on a station and it is broken, go to the next and it is also broken…
Thanks to BrianW that fixes the problem as it goes, but it is still frustrating especially considering the price of the software which is on the high side.