Some local albums still not showing after 790 update

The issue I was having as decribed here has not been resolved with the latest update

The changes in today’s release should ensure all versions in your library show up on the Overview tab, and also that the Overview tab and Discography tab show up as originally intended.

A discography is meant to be a comprehensive overview of the artist’s career. It’s going to show you each album the artist released, not every version of the albums in your library, like the Overview tab does.

We’re considering possible changes in this area, but they would require a broader overhaul of how different versions of albums are grouped together and prioritized.

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It should be noted that the discography feature never showed you library albums explicitly. It always showed our version of the world, and if you lack music from outside your library (meaning no streaming), we actually just hide that tab completely.

The “albums in your library” section at the top of the first tab in the artist details is meant to be the ‘your stuff view’.

We are having discussions on how to improve this to include “duplicates” and “versions”, but that is outside the scope of a “hot fix” like the one we just released.

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Thank you for the explanation.

So why have the option to focus on local library only under the Discography tab if it’s not intended for that? Confusing…

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I agree, that makes it a bit strange. but when you open the artist page, your stuff is right there… its just that the discography tab is so tempting to click on.

I would argue the right solution would be to show you only discography and then give you a way to focus on the library and also expand grouped duplicates/groupings/versions. But that comes with its own pitfalls.

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So in my case it seems Roon is behaving as intended, albeit in a sometimes confusing way.

I’m hoping this can be improved upon in the future. :+1:

Thanks again for the prompt responses. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Like that…

The library filter on discography is useful for showing compilation albums including the artist which don’t show up on the overview page.


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