Squeezebox volume control after update

Some volume problems on my android dap after last release. I use it with squeezebox running trought sb player. In Roon doesn’t recognize the volume, + or - doesn’t affect the volume level. I have to set the volume control in sb player but it’s strange. While in the lock screen is correctly recognized! Roon Radio doesn’t work, the track just stops one second to the end and doesn’t go further. What happens?

Hi @Gianluca_Schiavone, can you give us some more details about your setup?

Do volume controls for other endpoints work okay?

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for the SB zone?

The DAP is a Hiby R5 Saber

Hey @Gianluca_Schiavone,

I am so sorry we didn’t get back to you until today… :pensive:

I was wondering if this is still an issue? If so, could you please use this article as a guide to share information about your setup, and then, answer Dylan’s questions above as well? :nerd_face:

Thanks so much :pray: