Strange behavior of 'display' function on iPads


for some time now I use older iPads as displays for my endpoints (Elac Discovery Z3, Elac Discovery server, various Ropieee based streamers) in my Roon network to my satisfaction.
After the latest update I believe, the behavior of the display screens changed. Instead of having a full screen displaying the album artwork and if available the lyrics, I now have a strange pic in pic type of display on all my iPad devices no matter which browser I use. The attached pics shows another anomaly as it shows two different sets of artist information, The display on my Win 11 based NUCs. that I use as endpoints or remotes all is well. For comparison, I hooked up a ChromeCast to a computer monitor and it shows the correct behavior.

Any thoughts?

Is this all albums or just specific ones , I can’t check the album you show as it’s not in Tidal

Try a really common album that will be sure to have all metadata in place say Beatles - Abbey Road and see if you get the same response

It may be a lack of metadata for an “obscure” album or artist

Tried with several different main stream artists and mind you, chromecast display works normally. Something went the wrong way during the last update on my system.

I’m noticing the same “pic within a pic” here on my iPad 7th gen, iOS 17.2.

I tried the same album as the OP showed. Same issue with the pic, though the right album cover is shown.

Edit; I just realized the OP is talking about using the “Displays” feature which I am not using.

I would have sworn that people complained about this since 1.8

My memory may be playing tricks on me here. Now I’m not sure if it’s always looked this way since 1.8.

I don’t look at these views very often, but I seem to recall similar complaints. Can’t find them now, but search terms are tricky in this case. Though I also can’t be sure that it was the same thing.

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For example:

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Border is the magic word I couldn’t think of :slight_smile:

Apparently, my memory is going south. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this ‘this is a feature, not a bug’ kinda scenario? I really like the idea of using outdated pads as display screens instead of dumping them and I would love to have the full screen like via ChromeCast. I think w/o Roon fixing the software it ain’t happening.

I don’t know. It may well be useful on certain screen ratios to avoid too much cropping, but if it is on purpose it surely isn’t taking screen ratios into account dynamically and maybe it should.

Because it has no problem cropping the image on my MacBook Air 13:

But the same one is smaller and not cropped on my iPad Pro 12.9 which hasn’t such a different ratio and resolution:

I’m not sure which version is better in this case though, it’s not a completely straightforward problem

??? There are more pixels in height on the second picture than on the first in width. The same (pixel) size picture is obviously smaller on a higher (pixel) density display.

If Roon Labs says they do no longer dynamically scale pictures above their natural size for quality reasons, then this sounds pretty straight forward to me.
Of course this may lead to issues (unpleasant to look at result) with smaller high-density displays (2K+ tablets) and large high-resolution displays (4K+ Monitors and TVs). As I already wrote in the linked thread, I would prefer that Roon Labs rethinks this decision especially for smaller high-density displays where up-scaling likely doesn’t hurt that much (because of the small screen). On high-resolution displays a limited up-scaling (2x maximum) may still work without sacrificing the quality too much and provide a pleasing result with more (but not all) content. I would prefer such a compromise over flooding Valence with blown-up to 4K pictures of lower resolution source material (cost more bandwidth and time to download, blows-up a users Roon Server storage needs [Roon DB] and is no guarantee to look any better than dynamically [on-demand by Roon] up-scaled pictures).

I didn’t say there is no difference, just not such a big difference. On the Mac it crops nearly 50% of the vertical size, from breast to neck. If it allowed a similar amount of crop on the iPad, the image could be much wider as well.

This example is not about crop as the picture simply isn’t bigger – it’s fits entirely and without cropping pixel for pixel on the high-DPI screen of your iPad Pro (or at least I think so as they both seem to have the same [pixel] width). And bigger than natural resolution they currently don’t do.

Quality isn’t a problem on an iPad Pro. Of course it would be possible to zoom in to have approximately the same size of her face and crop off below the neck just like it does on the Mac anyway.

We agree about the it wouldn’t hurt. But currently there is no zoom-in by design – just zoom-out if needed.

Moving my edit from above to a new post:

I agree and like I said, neither option is the clearly better one. The overall image composition is better on the iPad, using the original ratio as the image was intended without the tight crop, I think. If used as display, I could see wanting to use more of the display width, though.

I don’t understand this, I think. Isn’t it zoomed in by default on the Mac?

They are both roughly 1900 pixels wide (sorry its too late to bring me to the tedious task of saving the pictures and measure them out for the exact pixel values). As you have the originals already, feel free to do it though.