Streaming not loading on HI-Res albums

I have gigabit internet, a NAD M33, the NAD is wired with CAT 6 Ethernet cable. If I try to play 192, it starts after some time then crashes saying it’s loading slow. I did restart my router and switches. Any thoughts? Yes I have the highest tier.

Hi Joyce,

I am moving your post to the Support section where the support staff will see it.

Thank You!

HI @Joyce_Maxey

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Does this happen if you play to a different endpoint?

I use a Lenovo Tiny with an i7 and 16 gb ram. Connected to a Ubiquiti 8 port switch that runs to an Ethernet over Coax adapter to a Netgear Nighthawk router.

My only endpoint is the Nad M33.

Just as a try:
Replace the Ubiquity Switch to another Brand. If you have the possibility…
I just made this experience with my Ubiquity Switch and the M33. Don’t ask why, but it helped!

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

So I tried a Dlink I had and still have the issue.

Any update?