The pros and cons of Onzow Zerodust and record cleaning in general

I also have one of these along with the fluid, which never seems to run out.


Indispensable product!

Some swear by Blutac or Magic Eraser.

Seem a little barbaric to me…but whatever works obviously.

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Ah the tools and rituals of vinyl!


Never use ZeroDust. It’s been implicated, by several places on line, in leaving unclean-able residue on the stylus.

Here’s just one review of many -


Onzow (and similar) users… You may want to check this out: Is The Onzow Zerodust RUINING Your Stylus? - YouTube

I have an amount of respect for Chris and his style. Check the research chapter especially; he does have some pause for reflection and especially suggests that there is no suspicion of anything malicious, just that additional research is needed to regroup and move forward.

The alternatives chapter is probably a good way to go until this cycle of investigation completes and we know the outcome.

And for every horror story there are usually equal or more advocates.
So who to believe?

Trust your own experience I say.
I have worn MC carts out while using Zerodust so it never brought them to a premature end for myself.

I say err on the side of caution. :wink:


And I will agree that may be your best course of action indeed.

I have been using it for years, no issues. Last time I heard, someone reported the problem from someone, who also heard it from someone else, who in turn heard it from someone else, exactly like you heard it from someone!!!

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So I’m guessing that Onzow wasn’t very happy with the magazine’s new advertising rates. :laughing:

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Did you even look at the article? Pictures don’t lie, but whatever.
From the first line -

Would you prefer that I purchase a microscope and look for myself? If I did that and told you the results, would you believe me?

Based on your logic, one can’t believe anything that one doesn’t know first hand. Very Socratic of you, but not any way to function.

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Onzow did reply. They tested and found the residue to be of a different material than that of the Zerodust. Case closed.

Onzow replied saying their product contains no plasticiser. What I find to completely debunk the claim of residue is that the same residue appears all over the cartridge, in places that the Onzow doesn’t even get near. I have seen this on my own cartridge under microscope. There is no way that the residue is from the Onzow. I’m thinking that the magnetic field of the cartridge simply attracts this residue from the air. As long as the stylus tip is clean, it is of no consequence. Also, on my cartridge, there’s no residue on the end of the cantilever where the Onzow has removed it.

Please take a look at this link:

Michael Fremer should have vetted the information about the Onzow first, before trying to gain exposure to his article and increase viewership to his web page. He is a real CROCK!!!

And you, @xxx, shoudl have done more research before spreading out the rumor.

EDITED: I posted this comment on behalf of someone who is also using Onzow for years as well.

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I’ve used the Onzow for many years on very few cart’s and never had any problems. I don’t plan on changing the way I use it. I do clean it fairly often (when there is visible dirt/vinyl on the surface) with some distilled water. It is still like new.

The Onzow plus a Nitty Gritti cleaning machine and Maple Shade anti static brush (very fine stainless steel brush plugged into a household ground plug on my line conditioner) have kept the noise level extremely low.

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Many articles that blame Zerodust and one, by the maker, that defends it.

Edit: I read the article you linked. Wally Tools offered to give further results and to talk to Onzow directly.

I only bothered to link one. There’s a lot more out there.

There’s pride of ownership, but there’s also pride of use.

Don’t really care. Just a heads up. Use whatever you want.


What am I seeing on this link related to the residue question? Thanks

It seems to me that the burden is on the “accusers” to show that the residue can be even theoretically from the Onzow, by being the same and not a different material

Can you use alcohol to clean needles?

Just follow the link and scroll down to see the responses from the CEO of Onzow Labs and Michael Fremer, who shifts the blame / responsibility to someone else! He takes someone else’s findings and publishes them and then takes no responsibility for their validity.

Stay tuned. I suspect there is a rejoiner to Onzow.

A short response from Wally Tools in the comment section of the article I linked

I did for the link and scroll down, but it is a report about the Munich High End show and add far as I can tell nothing about the Onzow stuff :slight_smile: