"This track is not currently available" TIDAL error message

We’re looking into this guys – it’s not always easy to confirm whether the issue is happening in the app, in our cloud infrastructure, or at TIDAL, but we’re currently investigating so we can make that determination.

I’m hoping we can confirm exactly what’s going on here before our next release, so if this is in the app we can include a fix, but obviously there’s work to do before any of that can happen. It’s too early to make that determination, but I want to be clear with you guys that we’re aware of this issue and working to resolve it.

If you have experienced this issue, the most helpful thing you can let us know is the time at which it occurred, and what content you were playing, including your region. Then we can enable some diagnostics on your account and check the logs at that timestamp.

More information as I have it – thanks for your patience everyone.

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I’ve experienced this same issue intermittently over the past year. I haven’t yet found a pattern as to when it occurs, but it seems to take care of itself eventually. I’ll begin taking notes when the issue occurs and forward along the information. Thanks for working on this.

Something I just noticed maybe related to this issue, It seems for me it only affect albums that have synced in from Tidalthat we added via their app and then they sync to Roon. I just added some new stuff today via Tidals app this morning on the way to work. Got home to play them and got this issue., I then used goto to Tidal version in the 3 dot menu menu and it played from there.with no issues. Also noticed when doing this the The add to library option is also still available which is odd since its already added to my library surely that should not be there?

I was playing Sufjan Stevens Illinoise at around 8.45 pm GMT. I am in the UK, but have had this issue at any time of the day. To add I went back to the same album in my collection and it wouldnt play went back to tidal version it played. This also seems to affects any Tracks on an artist page that the songs are in Tidal.

I feel Roon-famous now! :laughing:

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I also get the same error message but every single time I try to play a tidal track in roon (full install windows 10)… The track plays for a couple of seconds and then stops.

I have no issues with Tidal app alone.

I also have kind of the same issue when I try to play a track from disk (not at all related to Tidal). Even though the error message says something about “an audio file is loading slowly…” Track plays for like 3 seconds

Disk is ssd and not over network… so should not be a problem. And I have not have the problems described above before either, same hardware. I have not run Roon for a while so I dont know for how long it has been like this.

But! Here is the thing. Above issues I have when I run my chord 2 qute dac in exclusive mode wasapi (once again, did not have the issues on this hardware and setting before). If I change settings and run though system output I have no issues. Either tidal playing in Roon or playing files from disk. Which I would like to say means that the error messages we see are really not friendly from an error search perspective. Of course the track is available in Tidal, and also there is no performance issue in transport of the file. It seems like errors come from the playback side, Roon sending data “outside of roon”?

By the way the signal path when running with my chord there are no fancy stuff going on:

Roon says Source–>This Pc roon advanced audio transport --< wasapi exclusive mode

Hope this can give som new ideas into solving this mystery!

Hi again,

This was an interesting glitch. I turned off exclusive mode for my 2 qute, then tried to play a song on disk. Without restarting Roon. Song now plays correctly. I check the signal path… and what? It still says wasapi exclusive mode?
I go back and check the device setup, and yes it says exclusive. I check to play a tidal song. And it works also.

So by turning off exclusive mode, it didn´t turned it off, it instead made exclusive mode work haha. I see the lights on my 2qute verifying all the bitrates also. So im sure its exclusive

Will try to restart roon now and see if it still works.

I did finally experience this error message when using my MacBook as an endpoint, but that is pretty rare. Also, I tend not to get this error once an album or radio has gotten going. The problem is starting that first track. All I want for Christmas is a properly functioning Roon. We’re having Verizon Fios internet installed this Wednesday. It will replace our current Comcast cable internet. I doubt it will impact this Roon issue but I’ll report back if it does.

Yesterday, I installed DirectStream Junior’s brand new firmware RedCloud. Sounds great. However, it had no apparent effect on this error in Roon. Just reporting the facts.

Its becoming very infuriaitng now, cant play a single album from Tidal with out having this issue it gets going eventially after a lot of attempts only to rear its head again at the next album.

All ---- Let me first say, “thank you” for your continued patience while we have been trying to determine the cause of this issue. We understand, and respect, how frustrating these types of issues can be, so thank you for working with us to get this resolved. Secondly, I want to echo what @mike has mentioned in his previous.

As it stands, currently, we have been reviewing logs which were received in diagnostics reports to look for commonalities in the traces when this error message is being generated by the application. Brice has already provided us with timestamps of when the issue had occurred (:thumbsup:) and If you are experiencing this issue still it would be very appreciated if you could provide the same.

“If you have experienced this issue, the most helpful thing you can let us know is the time at which it occurred, and what content you were playing, including your region. Then we can enable some diagnostics on your account and check the logs at that timestamp.”

Again, thank you for your patience and I look forward to receiving feedback/observations.

@daniel_patterson / @Christian_Butler / @CrystalGipsy / @Marcus_Jansson


Hi Eric I am still getting this problem, on my RPI endpoint runing Ropieee. I am on 200mb connection which is fine and I can stream tidal using their app with no issues. This is at 22.15 GMT so not really peak time here in the uk. I am using powerline adaptors to connect to the core and these work fine for everything including hibitrate video and play local music without any issues.

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To add its runing now, but skipped 4 tracks to get going.

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Thank you for touching base with me @CrystalGipsy and providing the time of day when you noticed the issue. The insight is greatly appreciated!

I am going to be enabling diagnostics on your account so I can update my report accordingly, which is currently with out tech team who have been looking into this issue.


I too frequently get the “track not currently available” stumble (maybe half the time). I then manually force playback to go back to track #1 and hit “Play from here”, and that usually works after a couple tries. I also had been getting a “network problem” message, but less now. I get the “track not available” message during evening listening in Pennsylvania. I get it streaming Tidal HiFi through my Antipodes DX 2.5.

hI @Eric just had the issue again, 11.07am GMT Only once this time but still annoying.

I keep getting this same issue - normally on a Friday night when I have people over to listen to music and I can’t get it going. All other end points work fine, except the main one, the one I always use. One time it worked after rebooting my mRendu but tried that last time and it didn’t do anything. A core and end point reboot got it going though. Or I swap out the mRendu for my sonic orbiter.

Had the same issue a lot today. :frowning:

I do not know if this will help anyone here but what I did to correct what I determined to be a network issue was change my Nic Card from DHCP to a Static and that fixed it for me.


@James_Heckman and @MIKE1 ----- Thank you for chiming in and sharing your feedback with me! As I have asked @CrystalGipsy, would yo kindly reproduce the issue and note the time of day when the problem is observed.

Once you have supplied the requested timestamp, I will go ahead and enable diagnostics on your account. This action will automatically generate/upload a diagnostics report to our servers containing an up to date set of your Roon logs which I would like to add to the ticket our tech team is currently using to investigate this issue.


@CrystalGipsy ---- Upon seeing your latest post(s) I have re-enabled diagnostics on your account as well so I can attach an updated diagnostics report to the mentioned ticket.