Tidal does not work at all with Roon

I downloaded Roon tonight to try it out and connected my Tidal account but every single song I try to play I just get the error message saying “this track is currently not available from Tidal” and “too many failures, stopping playback”.

I also can’t find a single one of my favourited artists or songs and none of my playlists show up in Roon.

I have roon core running on my Asus laptop and am trying to stream to an ethernet connected Devialet expert 250 amplifier/dac. Roon finds the Devialet without problems and playing songs stored on my hard drive works just fine.

I have tried signing in and out of Tidal in Roon multiple times and restarted my computer multiple times and nothing has worked so far.

Did you link your Tidal account at Settings>Services

Yes I did, my account links but I can’t play any music.
And I have tried linking and unlinking my account multiple times but it doesn’t help.

Just tried internet radio straight from Roon and that works perfectly as well. It is just Tidal that doesn’t want to function at all.

Your core needs to be given time to process everything into its database. This depends on how many favourites you have, how large your local library may be and how powerful the laptop may be. Also how are you connected to the network?

Well the thing is that I haven’t connected my file library at all yet. I only have 3-4 files on my laptop that I tried to see if it it would work.

I have my laptop connected via wifi to my modem and the Devialet is connected with an ethernet cable to the modem.

Tidal works just fine from the tidal software by the way, but not at all from roon.


This sounds like one of those niggly problems that goes away completely once sorted. Best to get the Roon folks to look at it I think, which you do by tagging @support

Hope you get it sorted - it should be worth the wait


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@support would love some help with this situation!


Sorry, I should also have said that in tagging support as I did in my post they would have been alerted to your problem, so no need for you to do it as well. No worries though…


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And generally the etiquette is to fire a question out to the community here - as you did - before invoking help from support. You’ll find this forum very civilised, with a lot of people wanting to help you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the heads up Phil, I have a full 2 hours of experience with this by now so lots to learn! :slightly_smiling_face:

Try connecting the laptop with an Ethernet cable if possible and make sure the Tidal app is shut down.

The tidal app is firmly shut down and connecting the laptop with a cable sadly produced the exact same results :pensive:

Try playing through the laptop speakers/headphones rather than the devailet and see if that makes any difference.
I’m not sure yours is the same problem but there is an issue for some users

Hi @Christoffer_Ekman,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Does the same behavior occur if you play directly to System Output of the Core machine?

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The cavalry has arrived :slight_smile:


My setup is an Asus F550J laptop that I have the roon software on, its connected via wifi to a AT&T BGW210 modem and my Devialet amp is connected with an ethernet cable to that modem as well.

I get the same response when I try to play to system output, Tidal does connect so I can see all the songs and search for music but no matter which song I try to play I get the same error message “This track is currently not available from Tidal” and “Too many failures. Stopping playback” @support

The cavalry seems to have left again :grimacing:

Looks like there’s a problem with Tidal right now.

This problem has been exactly the same for going on 24h now, I don’t think it’s Tidal’s fault. Has to be something in the connection or settings between Tidal and Roon.

Save your breath and call your local high end audio dealer and pay them for home visit with installer. I wasted 3 months and still requesting an installer to come out and get it working right

Don’t wait for community to try this try that. Just get it done professionally and accept it as part of the cost for your enjoyment of music.

Roon is nit a apple fail proof software. Its buggy and not intuitive. Hire it done and start enjoying you music.