Tidal seems to stop Roon from running

I just installed Roon yesterday and it seemed to be the answer to all my dreams. I have a headless Mac mini (mid 2011) running high Sierra 10.13.6 with the remote on my iPad. I have my good stereo and speakers directly connected and have an old multi channel parasound amp powering speakers from multiple airport expresses to different rooms. It was running perfectly and then I installed the Tidal app on my iPad and activated it in Roon and then the system was constantly looking to connect with the core. Music that was started kept running but I had no remote and no way to control the system. It reconnects for about 20 second and then disconnects for 5 minutes or so and repeats. Help.

@William_McNaughton Moving this to the support area for you. Someone from support should be along to assist in due course.

You might like to add more info about your setup as identified here

That said, the tidal app on the iPad has no connection to the roon the roon app. While you activate the tidal account in roon under settings services, you still use the roon app to control the tidal content that roon is streaming or using to add to your library.

Find out more here in the KB pages

Hi @William_McNaughton,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Have you tried reinstalling the Roon app on that iPad?

Are other remotes able to connect?

Hi thanks for the quick response.
The core- Mac mini (mid 2011) 2.5 ghz core i5, 16 gb ram, 500 gb SATA hard drive running high Sierra 10.13.6. The highest compatible OS.
From the Mac mini I have connected with USB a peachtree 24/96 DAC to my preamp-amp-cables-speakers
Then I have 3 airport express. 2 old (1st gen) 1 newer (2nd gen) that you program recognizes as Airport 10, 115 and the 2 old as Airport 4, 107
These 3 are directly connected to - multichannel amp - cables - speakers.
The iPad Air 2 running. 12.3.1 , 128 go remote
I also loaded the iPhone 6s with the remote.

Pretty simple system. My library is not so big. All ripped Cd’s. 450 albums. 5000 songs.

I just downloaded the Roon software yesterday and it was running flawlessly. It recognized all my hardware.

Today I canceled my Apple Music and downloaded a trial of tidal. The standard one to test out. After that everything stopped working

I reinstalled the Mac OS. Removed all the tidal apps and removed all the Roon software. I reinstalled the regular Roon instead of the server Roon to see if it worked differently. I have 350 gb of free space on the Mac mini.
It is still doing the same thing. It also playing music now even though my iPad is saying it is looking for the core.
Let me if you need more information

The iPhone remote is very slow but is working. The iPad is still constantly looking for the core

An ssd boot drive is highly recommended. That model macmini is just under the min spec needed for roon as a guideline. Make sure firewall is off if any used and also that your WiFi devices are not on a guest network.

As the system might still be importing your music it will be rather sluggish until it’s completed which could be many hours or days depending on the size of your local library.

Hi wizard
Thanks for the information. My knowledge of all this is quite poor. The firewall was turned off. My AirPort Extreme and my airport expresses are all connected together on a network - wills WiFi network_5GHz. And my internet service has a different name *****_5GHz. The IP address and all the components are the same 192.168.0. where the last 2 numbers are unique. I am assuming this is correct. My library is quite small. About 450 albums from cd collection. I was hoping to use all my existing equipment but I might need to upgrade the server.

I hope you mean the last number (0-255) and the first 3 are all the same. This is as it should be. The apple airports should all be in bridge mode assuming that your router is doing the DHCP allocations and you are using the WAN ports to connect back to the main ISP’s router.

Hi @William_McNaughton,

Can you verify what router you’re using and how your Core is connected? If possible, try connecting your Core machine via Ethernet for best results, as noted in our Networking Guide.

Hi Dylan
Thanks for the reply and the link to networking. When you explain things keep it to the level of a non tech person. I read through the networking guide and I see I may have some problems.
My route is an old AirPort Extreme it is 802.11n. I assume I should upgrade to an 802.11ac router.
Can you suggest a router to buy. My new apartment is quite small. 75 m2. The router placement is in the center of the apartment. The setup now is internet box from the cable company connected by Ethernet to AirPort Extreme. My Mac mini mid 2011, 2.5 ghz dual core i5, 16gb, 5400 500gb sata drive -I can also upgrade to an SSD drive. It says the Wifi is 802.11n. Maybe it is too old? Is it possible to just upgrade the Mac mini to SSD drive and connect it directly with Ethernet to the new router that I assume I need?
After reading the network link which I don’t totally understand I might also have a problem with the airport express’ that I am using. The apple setup is not that technical so I describe what I found in the airport utility program. They are all set up as range extenders. I assume that since I am just using them as endpoints they don’t need to be on the network.
My future system should quite simple.
Cable company box > via Ethernet > router > now via WiFi (Ethernet???)Mac mini > via usb 2.0 > peachtree iDAC > preamp/amp (parasound P3/A23) > via speaker cables > speakers
In this setup I have to turn the volume knob on the pre amp. Is there a way to control it from Roon remote?

Then I am trying to make 3 other zones.
Mac mini (headless core) > via WiFi > 3 airport express’ (not sure on setup)

1 of the express > via toslink from headphone jack > Cambridge audio dac magic > cables > amp > via speak cables > speakers

The other 2 express’ > cables > amp > via speak cables > speakers.


Hi @William_McNaughton,

Generally we don’t make specific device recommendations as it’s going to vary based on the needs of your location. Any AC router that has the ability to reach the entirety of your apartment should do fine.

Yes, we recommend you use an SSD for your Core machine. We also recommend using Ethernet for the Core as well, so the WiFi specs shouldn’t matter in that case.

As noted in the guide, we generally advise against Apple networking gear and using those types of access points. Using a single router for the connection and then using the Apple AirPort devices as endpoints only would be more in line with our recommendations.

Hi Dylan,
Thanks for all the help. I removed the AirPort Extreme and replaced with an 11ac router. Connected the new router to the Mac mini with Ethernet cable. I haven’t upgraded the Mac mini. Thinking of upgrading to a nucleus. I factory reset the airport express’ and selected add to network (not extend network) as they were before. The airplay function was already selected. Everything is working brilliantly. I can’t believe how good this software is working now.

Hi @William_McNaughton,

Glad to hear that things are working well for you now! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Happy listening :headphones:

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