TIDAL slow playback problems

This identical problem started for me on the 13th. It has NOT resolved. My library items play fine, but Tidal is a 3-4 minute wait. Ordinarily, Roon gives some kind of error message about things loading slowly, but it does not do that in this case. Not sure what the problem is.

Tried disabling Tidal and then re-enabling. No change. Will restart my modem and see if that fixes it.

Sorry you are having the issue. Mine is completely cleared, in fact, it seems Tidal is faster than it’s ever been.

May be an update to the CDN (Tidals contract content delivery network provider) is rolling out changes or AWS is having issue/updates. Seems updates and issues are part and parcel for the modern cloud infrastructure. New features take priority over QC, get them out quick, all the customers will test for us.

Where are you located?

@dylan Thanks for your response, OK to disable diagnostics on my account.

Modem restart did nothing to fix the problem.

I am in Arizona. So almost west coast. I’ll keep trying throughout the day and see if things come back on line. Honestly, it doesn’t even play after 3-4 minutes, or twenty minutes. Now it is dead in the water. It still loads all the album info, just no music.

Hi @Papi_Chulo,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Does this behavior occur when playing back to all endpoints?

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The same here. It works ok with my own musics, but very, very, very slow with Tidal.

Was able to fix this, though I am unsure which was the solution. First, I switched my core to another computer(an apple laptop) and Tidal ran perfectly on it. Then, I switched it back to my original core (mac mini) and went with the standard core instead of the server version. That did NOT help. Had the same problem with Tidal. So I plugged my mac mini by ethernet into my wireless router and restarted the server core. Tidal now works perfectly again. Not sure if it is the ethernet cable saving the day or the numerous starts and restarts of the mac mini and roon core that finally got it going again.

Replying to my own message in case someone runs into a similar problem…

Turns out the problem is with my Linksys Mesh Velop modules. In particular, the “slave” module doesn’t seem to allow Tidal to work correctly, anymore. Actually, I have had a number of other connection based issues with it, as well. I have been up and down its configuration but cannot reliably get everything working. It might just be how that whole “mesh” thing works that is causing the problem. Not sure.

I replaced the Linksys system with an Eero one and everything is flawless. I chalk my problems up to a faulty mesh system.

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