"Time Listened Last 4 Weeks" is stuck at 0 minutes [Ticket In]

Yep same here. Reboot core does bring it back but after a day or so it’s gone again.

I had the same issue and I think I found the solution. If you use Synology NAS. I think nobody mentionet that one. Please check the Synology System Time. My one regularly reset to 01.01.2000 and it does affect the Roon a lot (0 minutes in recent listening, wrong playlists, wrong live radios, etc. It doesn’t matter if the settings are set manually or set to NTP server (time.google.com). I think I need to replace cmos battery in my DS718+. Let me know please if it helps.

That’s a good catch for NAS users! I am not using a NAS however (Intel based Rock, USB HD). Problem did not happen yesterday but today it is back. Reset Rock restores the values.

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It’s happening on iMac as well. Not a big deal to me.

Nucleus+ user here. Multiple instances of this problem. Reboot did help, but network re-connect took multiple power-off cycles with Nucleus.

I’ve been monitoring my stats since this was reported. No issue here until a few days ago then It happened. I decided not to boot the NUC to get it back and left it for the update to fix. Today the stats are back with nothing done on this end.

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same issue here, rebooting the core does absolutely nothing.


After reading your post, I checked mine. Can confirm they’re back without me doing anything.

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And they’ve gone buh-bye again :slight_smile:

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Yep, same here.