Trouble with Qobuz playback

The Qobuz App is playing the album.
But still not in Roon.
But unfortunately all other albums aren’t playing either.

Hi @Eteif,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Are you receiving any errors when playing Qobuz albums? Is local content working okay in Roon?

Details Core machine (OS, Hardware specs):

Processor                : 4x Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  J3160  @ 1.60GHz
Memory                    : 3701MB (904MB used)
Operating System   : Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-34-lowlatency x86_64)
Audio Adapter           : HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH
Audio Adapter           : USB-Audio - xCORE USB Audio 2.0


-SCSI Disks-
ATA Samsung SSD 860


Date            : 03/31/2016
Vendor          : American Megatrends Inc. (
Version         : P1.30
Name            : J3160DC-ITX
Vendor          : ASRock

Networking details

Gigabit LAN
DNS Servers

-Name servers-


Error message in the log file:
03/18 10:14:21 Error: [zoneplayer] Unexpected Failure While Opening Sound: … : System.Exception: failed to open location ' … ': UnknownFailure
at Sooloos.Audio.MediaDecoderAudioSignal…ctor (System.String location) [0x00084] in <721923b510fe4129bed8b0b50eb3d3eb>:0
at Sooloos.Broker.Transport.AudioSignalFactory+<>c__DisplayClass0_0.b__0 (Sooloos.CallingThread cx) [0x00273] in <75d52ccbda9342358cc2e0d9eacb8d79>:0
03/18 10:14:21 Info: [Server] [zoneplayer] Open Result (Playing):Result[Status=UnexpectedError]
03/18 10:14:21 Warn: [zoneplayer] couldn’t play URL … : other error
03/18 10:14:21 Warn: Track Stopped Due to Error
03/18 10:14:21 Info: [zone Server] OnPlayFeedback StoppedEndOfMediaUnnatural
03/18 10:14:21 Debug: [zone Server] _Advance
03/18 10:14:21 Trace: [Server] [Inactive] [STOPPED @ 0:00]
03/18 10:14:21 Trace: [dbperf] flush 0 bytes, 0 ops in 1 ms (cumulative 80438 bytes, 50 ops in 4867 ms)
03/18 10:14:21 Trace: [roonapi] [apiclient] CONTINUE Changed {“zones_changed”:[{“zone_id”:“1601b175447b2885fb03e5fc8373342d847e”,“display_name”:“Server”,“outputs”:[{“output_id”:“1701b175447b2885fb03e5fc8373342d847e”,“zone_id”:“1601b175447b2885fb03e5fc8373342d847e”,“can_group_with_output_ids”:[“1701ed333d4ffed775f74043c62b767f265c”,“1701b175447b2885fb03e5fc8373342d847e”],“display_name”:“Server”,“volume”:{“type”:“number”,“min”:0,“max”:100,“value”:100,“step”:1,“is_muted”:false,“hard_limit_min”:0,“hard_limit_max”:100,“soft_limit”:100},“source_controls”:[{“control_key”:“1”,“display_name”:“xCORE USB Audio 2.0”,“supports_standby”:false,“status”:“indeterminate”}]}],“state”:“stopped”,“is_next_allowed”:false,“is_previous_allowed”:true,“is_pause_allowed”:false,“is_play_allowed”:false,“is_seek_allowed”:false,“queue_items_remaining”:0,“queue_time_remaining”:0,“settings”:{“loop”:“disabled”,“shuffle”:false,“auto_radio”:true}}],“zones_seek_changed”:[{“zone_id”:“1601b175447b2885fb03e5fc8373342d847e”,“queue_time_remaining”:0}]}


All sources except Qobuz work.
I use tidal, radio streams and local files.

If I take the URL of a non starting Qobuz stream from the log file and load it with wget from the same system, the file can be saved.

Note: I have shortened the URLs in the log file

Hi @Eteif,

Thanks for the info here! Is your Core machine connected directly to the router via Ethernet? Are there any switches, adapters, or access points in use? What kind of router (and other networking hardware) are you using?

Is this only occurring with Hires Qobuz content or all Qobuz content? Does it play at all or just give an error immediately?

The core is connected to the router via a switch.
No WIFI, no PowerLAN in the line.

Swich: TP-Link TL-SG1008D
Router: Fritz!Box 3490

It was tested with a Qobuz Demo Account.
All requests are answered with a 30s mp3 file.
Roon immediately refuses to play the file.
This applies to all contents of Qobuz.

If these files are loaded with wget, they can be played locally afterwards.

Tidal works without any problems, even in hires.

Hi @Eteif,

Just to verify here, is it only the 30s demo tracks that are playing or the entire track? If you are only able to play the 30s demo in Qobuz, these cannot be played in Roon.

Try to go to the Qobuz app with this account and play back this content. Are you able to play the entire track or just the demo? If it’s only the demo, it means that your trial is expired and you’ll need to talk to Qobuz about resolving that. Once the account is in good standing you’ll be able to play back Qobuz content in Roon.


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