Trouble with Roon Radio + Qobuz

I am having similar issues. For the past 30 days, I have been on the Qobuz trial but have been unable to get Roon Radio to find a single Qobuz track at the end of a Qobuz album. It basically says “Nothing Similar could be found”. Also if I started with an album from my Library, Roon Radio never would pull a track from Qobuz. It basically said only albums from your library are available.

I cancelled my Qobuz trial since without this integration, it is of no value to explore. I had been using Tidal and never had either of these situation.

Hi @audio2addict,

We aren’t aware of any widespread issues with Roon Radio not working with Qobuz. I understand that you cancelled your Qobuz trial, but if this is something that you with to try again please reach out here with some examples of Qobuz albums that this didn’t work with and we can take a look.


My subscription expires on the 29th. Here are some que screen shots from tonight.

Hello @audio2addict,

Do you by any chance have any active firewalls on your Core machine? I wonder if perhaps access to our Roon Radio service is being blocked by a firewall.

If you have Windows, can you please double check to make sure that you have added Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe as an exception to your Windows Firewall by using these instructions?

Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe can be found by navigating to the Database Location/Application path and I would make sure this is added as an exception to Windows and any antivirus you may have (Norton/McAFee/AVG/ect.). Does that help with the issue?

I use webroot and have before even getting Roon. I can go through Roon and use Qobuz with no problem so there is no restrictions. As noted, when I am in Qobuz, Roon Radio basically does not work as it can’t find anything similar.

Hello @audio2addict,

If you click on the 3-dot drop down menu on the Queue screen, can you check to see if you by any chance have “Limit Roon Radio to Library” turned on?

It is not.

Hello @audio2addict,

Thanks for confirming that the toggle is not switched on. I would next like to gather some diagnostics from your Core when this issue occurs, but before I go ahead and enable this mode can I please ask you to reproduce this issue and let me know the exact local time + date you start Roon Radio and off of which track? E.g. Started Roon Radio at 3:06PM on 8/28/19 on Pink Floyd.

Once I have this information I can enable diagnostics and request the technical team to review them for any signs of abnormal behavior.

It will be a few weeks most likely as The listening room is being refreshed. The core is on a PC in that room and had to be powered off for the refresh. When I bring it back up I won’t have Qobuz any longer.

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Thanks for the update here @audio2addict. Since we won’t be able to troubleshoot this further without the Qobuz subscription, should I go ahead and close this case? If you change your mind and with to take another look in the future we can always re-open it. Just let me know, thanks!

I guess that is best. I may go back to Tidal where I didn’t have the issue.

Hello @audio2addict,

Thanks for letting me know. I will close this ticket, but if you experience similar behavior in the future on TIDAL or want to re-visit Qobuz feel free to PM me or tag @ support (with no space) and we can take another look.

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