Trying Roon with touchscreen

I’m currently three days in to my Roon trial and so far, so good. I’m using my desktop which won’t be the permanent solution. I’m thinking of using a Sonictransporter with memory added for storage. I’d like to use a touchscreen for control. Will this work? Any advice on which touchscreen? How would the touchscreen connect to the system?

No advice on a screen to buy, but Roon works great when using the touchscreen on my laptop.

That being said the Sonic transporter was designed to run server not core, so it won’t have the UI/visual components. The screen wouldn’t work with that solution.

My thoughts would be based on the price I have seen for most touchscreen monitors it probably wouldn’t be that far off from buying a nice tablet as a control point. That way you would get added benefit outside the screen as well.

I like the large screen idea. Any ideas on an all in one computer with a SSD boot drive that could function as control and server?

See here the recommendation for the HP Envy Recline 23.
Looks like the right thing for you.

Does this have a SSD boot drive? Do I really need one?

Im guessing the HP has a 2.5 mechanical drive. Should be able to drop in a 2.5 SSD if you wanted.

Here is a Dell that has a 1tb hard drive and 32gb ssd cache from the Microsoft store on sale for 1k as of this post. The good thing is i believe the PCs sold there are devoid of any crapware pre-installed.

It has a hybrid drive which should be pretty quick if all you are doing is loading Roon on the machine as well as an I7 and dedicated GPU. This should make for a great Roon machine.