Ubuntu Roon server install tips

Hi im a complete newbie with Linux, just installed Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS, on desktop with Intel I5 3450, Im planning to set a Roon Server in this machine, I downloaded the Easy Install package but just dont know how to proceed. If anyone could give a hand Id appreciate.


I could write a poem about it, but it’s all in here really:


Make sure all dependencies are met and follow the easy installer guidelines.

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thanks for the assistance,

I think I have all dependencies sorted, just don´t kwow hot to execute the installer after downloading.

It’s in the guide, but here’s the bits you need.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ffmpeg cifs-utils alsa-lib
curl -O http://download.roonlabs.com/builds/roonserver-installer-linuxx64.sh
chmod +x roonserver-installer-linuxx64.sh
sudo ./roonserver-installer-linuxx64.sh

Do this from the terminal app … open the dash and type terminal. You may cut ‘n’ paste each line. Post any errors.

Tks Martin, all done.
Roon server running smoothly, these are my first steps around Linux.


I am struggling with getting the alsa-lib installed. so, when I execute the: sudo apt install ffmpeg cifs-utils alsa-lib, I get

Reading package lists…Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate pacakge alsa-lib

Did you execute sudo apt update? You need to update the package list first.

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