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My very simple system was previously set up with SSD storage within the X45 for copied CDs and also for the Roon backup files. However, when not playing music, I switch the X45 off so the majority of scheduled backups were being missed due to unavailability of the backup file. I therefore removed the SSD from the X45, wiped it, installed it into the Nucleus, reformatted it, and imported all my copied CDs. Roon found all my albums immediately and I can listen to my music as before. However, I have been unable to establish a new destination for Roon backup, either within the SSD now installed in the Nucleus, or my iMac. Roon is not being backed up! When I follow the instructions I get the following:

You won’t be able to use the internal 2.5" SSD in your Nucleus for storing backups - it is dedicated exclusively for storage of music files.

From your screenshot of adding a network share on your Mac to use as a backup location, I see two errors:

  • the network share location is in an incorrect format. It should be of the form smb://<hostname of your Mac>/<shared folder name>
  • you need to add the username and password to access the shared folder on your Mac.

I would also advise against setting up your Backups in your Mac’s Music folder. Better to set up a dedicated location.

You also need to make this Backup folder into a networked shared folder on your Mac That is the first necessary step.

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Dear Geoff

Grateful for your attempt to help. To set up a dedicated location for my backups would be my preferred option. I have a large-capacity SSD attached to my Mac for Mac backups and I’d rather store Roon backups there too.

The format I used to identify the folder was by going into ‘Info’ and ‘Save as pathname’, which is as instructed in Roon help.

Also, I don’t understand ‘You also need to make this Backup folder into a networked shared folder on your Mac.’ Perhaps a step-by-step guide would be the answer if you have the time to guide me through?

Not for the first time, I reflect that Roon’s motto should be ‘Never difficult enough.’ Why doesn’t a simple dialogue box invite me to identify a folder for Roon backups by point-and-click?

The procedure for setting up a Backup Folder on Mac is similar to that of setting up a Watched Folder:

These instructions are obsolete regarding the latest OS. There is no such thing as ‘System preferences’. Under ‘System Settings’, ‘Sharing’ gives me this screen:

I cannot see ‘…a plus sign under Shared Folders’ as described in the continuing instructions.

OK, I’ll ask Roon Labs to arrange for this article to be updated. I’m not a Mac user, so can’t help further. Google is your friend in this situation.

See if this helps, but note the file sharing pref pane has moved to general > sharing
You need to enable sharing and click the “i” button beside the switch to add the Roon folder permissions… (edit: added screenshot).

You could also add a USB drive (SSD or HDD) to the Nucleus and backup to that, then you won’t have issues about the network or having to have your Mac turned ON for the backup to happen.

FYI, USB drives attached to a Nucleus can both hold music files AND be a backup location.

Hi Dan

Thanks for your efforts to help. The option to backup to a USB drive plugged into the back of the Nucleus would be the best option of all, so…I plugged a suitable drive into the back of the nucleus. Roon can clearly ‘see’ the drive (screenshot attached), but when I select it for a ‘manual backup’, nothing happens.

Any further ideas?

That would be one formatted exFAT.

I think you had one that you were using with a MAC, are you using that one with the Nucleus; that drive might have been formatted HFS+, a MAC format. ROCK or Nucleus cannot write to drives formatted that way. Double Check the drives format by plugging it back into a PC.

If that drive is correctly formatted as @Rugby suggests, you should be able to click the “new folder” button to create a folder on the drive and then select that for the backup location.

I’m sure you’re right. This is a drive I used previously with my Mac. How do I reformat it’s that it works with the Nucleus?

Well, first make sure there is nothing on the drive you want to keep because reformat will erase the drive contents. After you’ve copied off anything you want to save, you should be able to use a program on the Mac to reformat it to exFAT.

However, that is where my knowledge of Mac stops (Windows/Linux only guy), but generally on Windows there is a Drive Format Utility that will allow you to format a drive. You would select the external drive, select exFAT as the format and then format. I am sure that Mac has something similar but I don’t know the specifics enough to give you step by steps. Google might help.

Connect it to your Mac, then fire up Disk Utility on macOS. It’s in the Utilities subfolder of the Applications folder. It will let you reformat a disk as exFAT (MS-DOS).

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Dear Both

Success!! I am most grateful for your help.

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