Unable to listen to DSD 5.1 on Oppo 205

QNAP TS-853A/ Ethernet

Marantz 8802A, Oppo UDP-205, HDMI connection

I still have problems with the sound. Now I have verified that I can not listen to the 5.1 of my DSD files.

Attached screenshots to show how Roon converts the 5.1 sound into 2.0 without the possibility of obtaining the 5.1 from the file.

In addition, the audio graphic indicates that the sound is “ANALOGUE”, when in fact it is coming out through the HDMI connection.

Please, can you help me solve this matter?

You might want to check out this thread from yesterday:

WiWavelengthAndrew J Shepherd


No, Andrew, that is incorrect. Two Oppo UDP players added RAAT support almost two years ago. But that RAAT support does not include multichannel nor DSD. It was an Oppo decision/limitation that has not changed for almost two years and is not going to change. Had Bill done a bit more reading in this forum first he could have made that determination without posting the same question/request across multiple threads.

I don’t know if your Oppo is affected, but @WiWavelength seems to know about this.

Thank you.
Do you mean then that the Oppo 205 can not play DSD 5.1 with Roon and with JRiver itself?
Is there a player that is capable of playing 5.1 audio with Roon?

My understanding is that Oppo (or some of these units) does not support 5.1 audio in Roon via the Roon transport protocol (RAAT), although it supports stereo via RAAT. Jriver uses a different transport protocol (DLNA) and that can support 5.1 audio.
I don’t know what players support 5.1 audio via RAAT in Roon.

Thank you.
I’m waiting for some technician from Roon to answer my question.

Hi @J.A,

At this time, Oppo UDP-203 cannot stream DSD/Multichannel content via Roon Ready, you can read more regarding this limitation in the following thread: OPPO UDP-203 and UDP-205 now Roon Ready.

As far as I’m aware, you are able to stream DSD content via USB and multichannel via HDMI but can’t stream multichannel DSD content via USB nor HDMI. I hope this helps!


(Merging + Player) or (Exasound e38 with the Exasound Sigma Streamer) are two setups which come to mind.

But, I thought putting a Windows PC running Roonbridge to feed the Oppo via HDMI would work?

I thank you for your recommendation, but the exaSound is sold in the USA and the prices of customs in Spain are prohibitive. It is a pity that it is not sold in Europe, because the product seems interesting.

I tried to play the audio from a PC, both USB DAC and HDMI, but I could not get 5.1 sound.

However, since JRiver does allow multichannel audio in the Oppo 205, do you think you can solve this issue and have Roon play 5.1 files?
It is quite strange and incomprehensible that Roon is not compatible with multichannel audio in the Oppo.

That may well be, but if you read the link that Noris gave, you will see that the ball is firmly in Oppo’s court to enable 5.1 support in RAAT - Roon already does this.

It occurs to me that you probably have a spare HDMI input on your Marantz 8802a. Where is your Roon Core running? If it is on a PC/Mac or a NUC running ROCK, then you could connect your Core to the Marantz using HDMI to give you an extra Roon endpoint and get full 5.1 that way?

Not the Oppo, AFAIK, but using the Marantz would work.

I have my Salkstream (where Roon Core and music files reside) connected to my Oppo 103 via HDMI and it plays multichannel fine.

Thanks for your answer. But I gave you the same as Geoff_Coupe: that product is only sold in United States.

I have not been able to verify if with a Windows computer you can play 5.1 because the Roon core is on my QNAP server.

Would it be possible to temporarily change the core to perform the test and be able to check if a windos computer is possible to play multichannel files?

Yes. See here.

I own an Oppo 105D (my 3rd Oppo), a Marantz 8802A, and an exaSound e38. BTW, the exaSound is actually Canadian; I don’t know if that changes your customs situation. (When I’ve imported electronics to the USA from Japan, the most duty I’ve ever been hit with was 5%. That was rounding error compared to what I saved.)

The reason that I don’t own an Oppo 205 is exactly its limitations regarding multichannel audio from non-disc sources. The online copy of the manual, IIRC, explicitly said that USB supported only stereo audio. So I’m not at all surprised that multichannel via USB doesn’t work. Unfortunately, streaming multichannel audio support is far from standard, and you have to read the owner’s manual very carefully to understand exactly what will work. This was pre-RAAT support, but I don’t think it ever changed. The discussion of RAAT support earlier in this thread (which is to say stereo only) matches my understanding as well.

My 105D will play multichannel DSD64 via DLNA, but if memory serves (haven’t used this in a long time), only through its analog outputs, not through HDMI. Go figure…

While I wish I hadn’t needed to purchase the e38, I am very happy with it, for what that’s worth.

Good luck! / Buena suerte!

Thank you all for your comments.
I think that having a quality OPPO 205 player, I do not have to buy other equipment to be able to listen to 5.1 sound.
Nobody has confirmed to me if with a computer with, for example, Windows 10, multichannel sound can be played with my OPPO.
I would have to do the test, but I’m a bit panicky about having to change the data, etc. I do not want to have problems with my files later.
Personally, I think that Roon technicians should implement the possibility of reproducing 5.1 with the QNAP NAS, in case the problem was the app. If the “fault” is from the QNAP, then I am almost sure that it will not be solved.
What I would ask is for someone to confirm if with a PC connected to OPPO I can enjoy multichannel sound through HDMI connection. I am aware that with a USB / DAC connection you can not get multichannel sound.
Greetings/ Saludos.

When I first connected my Salkstream to my Oppo 103 via HDMI, I had an issue with the sound cutting off after about 9 minutes (this has been corrected by Salk). As part of diagnosing the issue, I connected a laptop running Windows 10 to the Oppo 103 via HDMI and it played multichannel music fine. For reference, Roon Core and my music files reside on the Salkstream, and the laptop was being used as a Roon controller.

So it seems to me the Oppo 103, and I’d assume the 203/205, can accept multichannel music via it’s HDMI input. That said, my Oppo 103 is connected to my pre/pro via 5.1 channel analog since my pre/pro lacks HDMI connections. One of the earlier posts mentioned Oppo players will not do this via it’s HDMI outputs. Unfortunately, I have no way to confirm this.

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The Oppo will do multichannel sound using its HDMI input. It won’t using Roon and the Ethernet input, but this is Oppo’s decision, and Roon cannot be blamed. The Oppo will accept multichannel sound via Ethernet using JRiver and DNLA. Complaint to Roon about this will do no good, since Roon can’t do anything about it.

The QNAP implementation of Roon is no deficient. The is the way that Oppo decided to implement RAAT.

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Hi @J.A,

As others have noted, you should be able to send multichannel content via HDMI, if the QNAP has an HDMI port and can support audio output via this input I don’t see why it wouldn’t work there as well.

If you wish to use your Windows PC as a Core, you can switch over very easily. I would first suggest that you make a Backup of your Roon database (using Roon’s internal backup manager) before starting this process though.

When you try to login on the Windows Core, you will be presented with a page similar to the following, and all you need to do is press “Unauthorize” and authorize the new core:

Hope this helps!

– Noris

Thank you for your answers.
I have verified that the OPPO 205 can play DSD files by itself from a network or from an external disk through the app itself.
As the files I have in 5.1 are few, when I want to hear them I will do it from OPPO itself.

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If the PC is near the Oppo, the PC can be used as an endpoint to play multichannel files via its HDMI output.