Unable to restore roon up in Windows after minimizing

I just installed roon today on a Windows 10 Lenovo IdeaCenter PC (Celeron @ 1.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM 64-bit) as the core. Granted this is no powerhouse and has a conventional (non-SSD) 1 TB HDD.
The Lenovo is connected to a Mytek Brooklyn DAC via USB.
I do have a Tidal HiFi account linked. I also have JRiver loaded on this PC.
The audio is functioning well as I can play all my hi-res and MQA files through roon as confirmed by the Brooklyn display.
The Lenovo is connected via HDMI to Samsung 720 P LCD TV as a monitor. Resolution is set to 1080 X 1920. Text size was set to the recommended 150%. Upon initial launch the roon app told me the resolution was too low. I adjusted the text size to 125% and roon opened normally.
My problem is I can open to full screen, restore down, and minimize. Once minimized, when I re-open I get a blank white screen with the word roon in the upper left corner. When I restore down, and minimize, roon continues to play, two remotes (iPhone and a Windows notebook) continue to work. I must close and re-open roon to get content back into the roon window on the core.
Did I inadvertently set my core up as headless or is the little Lenovo just too wimpy to adequately act as a roon core? Both remotes respond much faster than the Lenovo core.
I look forward to your reply.

If you don’t need the remote/control interface on the laptop then you can run roon server instead, this might also improve the responsiveness of the core given it’s rather low performance capability.

You can certainly try this easily anyway just quit the core and install the roon server and run that instead.

Sounds maybe like there is still some minimal screen return to size issue - maybe a bug, or perhaps just try using it 100% sizing and see if that helps.

@support so that this gets a hit in the support actions

This sounds very much like the graphics driver issue that has been plaguing certain configurations for some time.

Good spot Geoff…now that you mention it if this Lenovo has that family of gfx chip then could be a possibility too

Thanks to both of you. I will investigate the Intel Update Utility, but not too concerned if that doesn’t cure the issue. Considering how well my iPhone and Windows notebook work as full function remotes, having Roon graphics on the core is just a nice to have, not a must have. Maybe I’ll look into a new more powerful Home Theater PC with an SSD.