Unfortunately, Roon problem with Qobuz is NOT resolved

What I thought was a solved problem turned out to be just wishful thinking. Roon and Qobuz do not play nice with each other. And, it turns out, I am NOT the only one dealing with this (as some highly respected web reviewers have found the same problem - Tidal works fine, but Qobuz does not). I have been given a run around and have checked and replaced a bunch of things, to no avail… Here is the link to the now closed discussion with Roon techs and others just so that anyone who has the same problem can see what they will be facing:

Roon should really do something about this - for the sake of all of us who have issues with it as well as their image as the responsive and responsible company!


It could be that the problem that you describe is not as wide spread as you report. I for one use Qobuz every day and have not experienced any issues at all. I literally play something through Roon using Qobuz EVERY DAY. It’s difficult for Roon to fix something that might be system specific. I hope that you solve this issue but bear in mind that your problem might be unique to your set up and not with Qobuz. That makes it super hard to find.

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I’ve never had a problem with Tidal or Qobuz in 2 1/2 years.

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I am currently having same problem.
Trying to reboot the router.
I tried to reboot the nucleus+, and the dac but still not working.
So frustrated and disappointed with Roon


Same issue here. Never any problems of this nature prior to current build.

I appreciate your comment John - had I not used the SAME system and Qobuz over Roon for almost two years without any problem before this issue started showing up, the points you are raising would be more than reasonable. However, that is not the case. Moreover, if you got through the thread I have linked, you will see there a bunch of things that were suggested by Roon techs that amount to little more than busywork and (some) pure nonsense even for someone (like myself) who is not particularly versed in solving hardware/software issues (as pointed out by some others who replied to the post). Nevertheless, I tried and complied… What bugs me are the two of the following: 1) Not acknowledging that they have no clue what is going on, 2) Not accepting that everything worked FINE before it stopped with the ONLY change to the system being upgrade to Windows 11.

So there was something that changed. And since that change you have had issues? Hmmmm…

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Before I fell down the Roon rabbit hole 10 days ago, Qobuz was skipping tracks on me through its native app on my iPad Pro. There were a lot of comments about this when I looked. Then I installed Roon, and I haven’t noticed the problem since. Sorry, that’s not very helpful, but it might be a Qobuz issue, not a Roon issue.

Hope you find a solution. I know how frustrating that is.


Hmm, one might consider that quite a major change……

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Has Roon even said we should update to Windows 11?

Indeed - it was a major change…

Yes, and I have asked Roon techs about this change, but no comments… Is Roon incompatible with Windows 11? It would be GREAT to know if that were the case .

Or, I would have appreciated them saying that we should NOT upgrade to Win11. Perhaps I should not, but I do use this machine for more than just a music server…

Is Roon not working on Windows 11? I was planning to upgrade when the new Intel NUC Studio 12 Pro: Wall Street Canyon ist out.

Rick, I don’t know, but the only difference in my setup between the situation when Qobuz worked perfectly via Roon and now (problems with 192/24 files) is my upgrade to Win 11.

That said, Roon support was not very useful in solving this issue OR singling out the Win11 upgrade.

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I changed NOTHING, followed every possible suggestion by Roon in various threads, and Qobuz is not functioning properly at hi res. NOTHING IN MY NETWORK OR SOFTWARE CHANGED, ALL CONNECTIONS SOILD.

Frustrating to say the least.

Kevin, I KNOW how you feel - I too tried everything (and even some patently “dumb” things I was asked to do by the techs) and nothing worked. When I saw this guy’s podcast where he (in passing) noted that Roon and Qobuz are not “playing well” together I felt some relief as this CLEARLY is not a “one of”. Thank you for sharing your experience too!
Frustrated in SF

Have you opened your own support topic? Especially now after the update, the support should take care of it specifically, if it knows your environment and you have described everything exactly. I know frustration and always found open ears with my calls for help.

Many problems disappeared like magic with the switch from 1.8-952 to 1.8-970. The rush for support is now more manageable. You should now describe in a new (complete) support request what has remained. The frustration can only be ended together. Ranting, belittling… does not motivate a volunteer, nor the employee who only wants to help. There are situations where no one solves a very specific problem. Then your only option is to leave Roon temporarily until you read about a solution.

No problems also since commencement many months ago.